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5 Costco Musts!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Whether you’re a family of five or a happy single, savings speak a universal language! I’ve run into so many people that ask “why bulk” and question the value and benefit (which is honestly baffling to me in 2020. In my mind, everyone has a Costco membership, ha, ha!!). Many times, we assume and don’t do our research. We look at the initial sticker price of things (or even assume) and don’t truly evaluate. Coming from a marketing background, just because a store advertises as discount doesn’t mean they automatically have the best price or you’re even receiving a discount. Do your research as a consumer!

Last October, I did a seminar at a women’s conference. By the end of the savings segment, everyone was online ordering a Costco card or giving testimonials if they already owned one. The scene seemed like it was straight from an infomercial, lol!!. It just makes sense, folks. To start, prices at Costco are amazing! Why? Because they buy outright by the lot, essentially cutting out the vendor which allows them to sell items for what they desire. Plus, their brand (kirklands) is amazing and cost-effective, too. We are about simplifying and organizing life, right?! I do what serves me and my family optimally. I’m always looking for ways to save and evaluating/comparing costs. There are 5 items that I have yet to see any other retailer beat in price and quality from Costco. If you buy nothing else there, these five will forever save you money!

Tissue & Paper Towels

$16.99 for forever rolls....enough said, lol. Seriously, tissue is $16.99 for (5) 6 packs!! What could you be using those dollars on instead of bums??!


Milk, eggs, butter, creams and cheeses are all much cheaper than your regular grocer... even grocers like Food Depot! Freeze the items that you don’t need right away. Note: milk and and eggs aren’t in a normal bulk presentation (which is perfect). You save a $1 or more on these items compared to other stores.

Trash Bags

Trash bags are that thing that you need and don’t realize how often you buy. We go through them! When I‘ve purchase them elsewhere, it was an easy $8-$9 for a pack of 45... too much!! At Costco, I spend $13.99 on 200 bags (that are durable!). We only buy trash bags twice a year (thanks to Costco!). Let’s do the math: for a close to equal amount of bags from other retailers (with the before used quantity of 45) that’s about 9 boxes totaling roughly $81/year for 400 bags compared to $34 for the SAME amount and less shopping trips! I’m just saying...


They have the best prices and you aren’t skimping on quality! I love how purchasing meats there saves time because mosts meats are already divided into six portions and individually packed! I put half in the freezer and half in the deep freezer.


On average, the gas a Costco is about forty cents less per gallon than the gas stations. It’s often times even less! I don’t have to convince you on the value there because it’s self-explanatory. There’s no points to add up or rewards to redeem; you just fill up and save!

I love the value Costco provides! There are so many other benefits like travel, pharmacy, etc. To go a step further, purchasing an executive membership ($120 vs. $60) for those who have at least a family of 4 and/or a business, could banish paying for your membership all together. I have not paid for my membership in 7 years. The 2% back I receive each year from the executive membership gets put right back into purchasing my new year of membership ahead (do this instead of going on a shopping spree!...Work smarter!); all accomplished without spending any additional money I wouldn’t regularly spend on groceries, gas and household needs! Hopefully this has given you insight and you evaluate to see where you can benefit! It will make you feel pretty super!


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