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I was an in-store pick up kinda girl before but life just got even better! Like many, trying to get the things your family needs while trying to avoid crowds as much as possible has been quite the task! I have relied on curbside services to literally hold my life together. I am happy to report that these service hasn't failed me yet! I recently added Instacart and now, you can't tell me nothing!! I'm living life like it's golden, ha, ha!! I feel blessed to have this simple yet effective luxury and if you haven't given curbside a try, you definitely should give it a try! There are 3 major reasons why parents, professionals and everyone in between should give this a try; especially during our new normal:

Saving Time

I have been able to do a "curbside tour" in under two hours while grabbing everything needed from various stores. Talk about efficient! Many of us ae going to Amazon route for as much as we can but sometimes Prime shipping still isn't soon enough. Two hour windows are often available to pick up your curbside order. Having a new baby, this has been great when needing pampers and other essentials. Note: many stores allow you to use in-store offers a have additional incentive for curbside and same day services.

Reducing Exposure

One o the best ways to limit your opportunities for exposure is to limit your outings and contacts. Most curbside services are contactless beyond dropping the items in your trunk. Places like Walgreens offer drive-up services through the pharmacy for more than meds! You can grabs otc drugs, paper products, certain groceries and more in the drive thru. This service is available to all and you never have to enter the store.

Budgeting, Memory (So sad) and Planning

I have gotten so much of my day back by choosing to curbside groceries and household needs. Click n' Go has helped me avoid multiple trips to retailers and grocers because I am able to fill my online cart as I remember the items we need. This FREE curbside services go until at least 6 or 7pm daily, giving you a whole day to make your list and check it twice. I have found that I pay closer attention to what is spent and I comb through more carefully when shopping online for my items to pick up. When in-store, impulse buys can definitely take over the cart; especially at places like Target. This has single handedly curved my unplanned spending by 100%. Target, I miss you...I miss smelling the popcorn, picking up the sweet treat you'd leave for me as I'd enter, taking my time combing through your shelves to find amazing treasures while I sipped on an icy Frappuccino... Oh, I'm sorry, you all, I had a moment... Anyhoo, lol, You will be amazed at how much you save by simply not entering stores. There are many tips to avoid high prices with Instacart so stay tuned for a later post!

I'm all about simplifying and organizing! This is definitely an amazing way to accomplish exactly that! Get VIP service for everyday life! Try it for all retailers who provide it, schedule your pick-ups and thank me later!


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