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Reboot Bootcamp!

I am restarting, for the 1,000th time, my fitness journey because the goal is to look ahhmazing at all angles! Am I thankful for the body I have and proud of all the "amazing" it's achieved? Yes!! I do, however, desire so fiercely to be my own body goals and with that being said, work is required! It's often so hard to stay on track and can become a task to simply get started. Tricks I use to reboot my journey are mainly fueled with consistency and preparedness. Three ways I get started and stay the course are:

Picking a program

This isn't necessarily to be stuck to one workout type BUT to initiate consistency with frequency. Many workout programs have a 30-day routine. It's said it takes 28 days to create a habit, so this is definitely a great way to get started and feel accomplished at completing a goal!

Wardrobe/Accessory Planning

Pick out your workout gear for the week and make it easily accessible. Go a step further and lay out your gloves, weights and mats, if working out at home. If visiting the gym, plan your activewear based on activity/class. Example: taking a spin class? Those high rise leggings will definitely come in handy with various transitions just as breathable free form fabrics are great for yoga. Getting prepared in this way limits excuses and sets you up to get it done.

Plan your schedule and meals

At the top of the week, review times that you plan on getting your workout in. Create a back up plan just in case life/scheduling conflicts get in the way! If you plan your meals, even if it’s the night before, it can make all the difference in staying on track with your eating habits. Eating habits are the largest part of achieving #bodygoals !! Package your food beforehand to ensure proper portions. Fill your water container, gather your supplements and get your playlist together ahead of time to give the best possible opportunity for success.

Ultimately finding activity that you enjoy or can tolerate, lol, in order to stay the course will begin your motivation while you’re waiting for the results to roll in. I intend for this week to be my last "first week"!! The gains aren't going to make themselves, right?! To all who are on a fitness journey like myself, I'm rooting for you to do amazing things!


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