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Prepped and Ready: Water Fun!

Pool Days are what the Summer months are made of! All three of the kiddos live for water fun! While caring for our sensitive skin is numero uno for my bunch, being prepared on a whim for water fun is next! We stay ready and you can too!

Designated Beach tote (with all the goods!)

This is so very important to creating smooth transitions and quick changes! What goes in the bag (and stays) are:

bottle of sunscreen (we keep kids, babies and adults formulas)

Pool Access Cards (if applicable)

Bug spray

2-3 Pool-safe Diapers

After sun ointment


A small First Aid kit

Goggles and floaties

Cover ups

A couple small trash bags and a wet sack

With these items already ready to go, you simply toss towels (and suits if not wearing them right away) on top and go! Believe it or not, this will all fit in a standard large beach tote easily.

Once you have the basics, you can grab you floats and head out!

Now, back to the skin:

I have had my fair share of trial and error with what works. Not every product is right for everyone yet my vote is in and these are must tries!

We never leave without:

  • Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection SPF 50

  • Burts Bees After Sun Soother

  • Aloe Vera

  • Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids and Adult

  • Cetaphil Sheer Mineral Sunscreen

Hopefully, you feel one step ahead following these simple guidelines. May your Summer be full of laughter, sunny days and a few splashes!


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