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The Summer Shred

We were all supposed to be working on this #summatimefine BEFORE Summer arrived! Pregnancy and medications sidelined my goals and pushed them to the bottom of my priority list; leaving me skinny-fat (go ahead and insert a sad face and a prayer, ha, ha!). I had big goals at the beginning of the year and even thought Summer’s knocking on the door, I still intend to make them happen! How am I going to make this happen while there’s Caribbean fests, delicious frozen treats, birthday bashes and traveling all Summer long, you ask?! I’ve got us covered with some simple ways to watch your waistline and still enjoy the best Summer evaaaa!!!!

Ditch the Car

Choosing to walk to places close by or parking further back assists in strength building and gets the cardio rolling. During the warmer months, I park in a subdivision closer to my kids’ school and we will walk to school. Once I drop them off, I jog back to my vehicle. It’s a way to incorporate fitness in something an everyday activity. When we go to outdoor activities, we usually park further and walk also. Deciding to walk with give you a head start in making your body goals happen!

Tasting Buddy

This is my favorite one! You can do this with your family or friends as this is a great way to reduce portions without sacrificing everything tasty to eat! When we visit food trucks, new restaurants and festivals, we go half on all the food we consume. Sharing cuts down on your caloric intake and lets you indulge! You don’t feel like you’re missing out, which can help you stay on track with your lifestyle changes.

"H2O only" zone

Although this may be hard for some to start, drinking only water (or predominantly water) gets easier as time goes on. The way I like to think about it is this: If I only drink water, it affords me a few more calories! Yes, I’m greedy. Judge yourself! Ha, ha! (it’s whatever works) This concept actually helps my kids drink more water also. I usually don’t end up eating more but the idea that I can if I want to, makes me feel empowered. It’s twisted but effective. I purchased a x-large personal water jug that I only need to fill and drink twice a day to get my needed intake. Having the larger bottle makes me feel like I reaching my H2O goals quicker because the amount of fill-ups are less.

The big spread plan ahead

Planning ahead of a big spread will keep all your hard work from earlier in the week intact. If you’ve planned on drinks with the girls, trying a new barbecue spot with the family or wanting to grab a juicy piece of cake for a movie night, consider making good eating choices around that day to balance out the excitement for the upcoming party in your tummy. Mindful eating can afford you the luxury of enjoying fatty faves in moderation and still be the hottie with the body.

Most end goals aren’t to be fitness models but are the desire to look and feel our best in whatever we decide to wear; whether bikini or tailored suit. We are after the prize and making these changes will help us get there! May the force be with you!

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