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"Memorial Day in the A"

I'm always super last minute with Memorial Day plans. Partly because I'm trying to hide from cooking, ha, ha!! Like many holidays, there are many activities available for those who are looking to hang out and not slave over the grill! Disclaimer: You can 't fully enjoy the fun you're about to have until you have secured a delicious plate for later, so get on the phone with family and friends now to find it, lol! Once that squared away, it's time to plan a memorable memorial full of relaxation, fun and sun!


Beach Bummin'

The Beach at Clayton, John Tanner Park beach, Acworth Beach and Lake Lanier all give total beach vibes! Beautiful water, golden sand and space for water sports make all of these destinations a 10! There are pavilions available if you desire to grill out for very low cost! Be sure to head out early for the best parking and space along the sand areas. Don't forget the sunscreen and a cooler filled with water and snacks!

Fireworks Fanatic

All counties partake in an amazing fireworks show for both Memorial Day and July 4th! Usually beginning at dusk, these beautiful light shows are sure excite the whole family. Wanna make a day of it?! Visit Stone Mountain Park! They host thousands of people every year for an elaborate fireworks show on the mountains. They offer a military discount for admission and a musical tribute for all to behold! For more information visit:

If you are looking for your counties show, visit the county page and click on events tab!

Couch Potato

This is right up my alley. I love lounging and being at home; especially after hectic weeks! I use the time to binge on all the shows on my list and afterwards, I feel accomplished! When you're on the go all the time, any holiday sounds like "lazy day" status and can many times be the replenishment you need. Plan your food, lay out pajamas and enjoy lounging as a family with no electronics other than the tv for your favorite movies. You will feel like you've been gone from civilization for a month, ha, ha! This is family bonding at it's finest!

Down by the lake! (Love ya, girl! :))

Fishing and boating can be amazing fun for the whole family! Many of the lakes in Georgia have an attached man made beach! Talk about your 2-for-1(also listed above)! John Tanner Park, Cauble Park/ Lake Allatoona, Lake Lanier, Lake Arrowhdead and Lake Blue Ridge are only some of the amazing lakes to enjoy a tranquil day of fishing and boating with the family or peacefully by yourself. These wide open spaces create a relaxing weekend activity that is perfect for a day off and feeling thankful for all who lost their lives protecting and serving. Boats can be rented for fishing or paddling for under $20! The Chattahoochie is a river BUT is perfect for enjoying a "lake day". Grab the kids and "shoot the hooch" in Roswell, GA! choose a canoe or paddle boat a get on the water. It's calming yet active and fun. I like to think of it as a more controlled experience being that the water is around 4ft in most areas and there is help standing by.

Seal the DEAL!!

Not really into hanging out?! Memorial Day is one of the best holidays for sales!!! Grills, Home décor and electronics are all rolling out the savings during this time. Find clothing sales and shoes at some of the best prices. It's kinda like a "kick-off Summer" sale (and Alexas original, lol). Make your list and start hunting! If you're looking to spruce up your home, Home Depot and Lowes have amazing deals on paint, mulch, fixtures, appliances and so much more! Now is the time to scoop up all the savings before Summer really gets underway. The kids are out of school so you can turn the home improvements to family activities...that really my way of making them help sound attractive and enticing to their little ears, ha, ha!

I hope you gained and idea or two and pray a safe and fun Memorial Day to you and yours! Note: If you are not in Atlanta, go to the city page where you reside and they list all the activities available! Happy Memorial Day!

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