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Summer’s still a thing!

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Things are opening back up! Are you open to resuming normal festivities??! If you’re like me, the answer is no. To everyone choosing to be out and about in an even more grand fashion, high five!! Everyone is different and it’s completely ok to be! For the Germans, we have chosen to conduct ourselves in a more prudent way as that works best for our family at this time.

If you’re still quarantine-ish and avoiding large crowds, busy eateries, concerts, etc., it can feel as though the whole Summer season has been outrigt cancelled. It can seem redundant, boring, stressful (because you’re constantly trying to figure out what to do) and depressing. While you're feelings are very real and missing certain levels of normalcy can overtake your mood, it’s important to know that Summer doesn’t have to be cancelled. You can STILL have a fun and memorable Summer. Warning: some of these require heat and bugs! (I just slapped my arm thinking about the idea of bugs crawling ha, ha!!)

Hit the Trail

Nature calls, can you hear it?! I can. The birds are singing louder than ever as their happiness for people not being “out and about” as much and polluting their World is abundantly evident, ha, ha!! Going on trails is a fun way to get in some fitness, quality time and fresh air simultaneously. Pick new trails often and ones that have a scenic surprise along the way. It’s a great way to get the kids excited about the great outdoors. Choose to stay for a while and pack a lunch and a book or a quick show to watch that you all enjoy. The togetherness and heightened sense of adventure will be memories that will last forever!

Foodie Road Trip

Pack up and head out! You can still keep you distance and discover tastes around America! Good food (or not so good...make a game of it and become taste judges!) can be an awesome way to explore while sightseeing and driving up the coast or countryside. You all will look forward to your next stop! This adventure will never get old.

Movie Night

Yep, we’ve all done movie night a few times, I’m sure.... you’re over it and so are the kids, ha, ha!!! It’s time to reinvent movie night! Changing your location can make a huge difference!! Build a fort or campground in the living room. Head out to the car and flip open the screens! You can even purchase a projector and view movies in the back yard.

The snack itinerary can also ignite the excitement once again. Having your food choices themed according to your chosen flick or simply making food that goes beyond the basic bowl of microwaved popcorn is always cause for a celebration.


Many states have a drive-thru safari that you can embark on! Viewing, feeding and learning is all convenient from the window of your car. You can purchase online and simply show up! There are so many animals to get up close and personal with. It’s like the Zoo in drive by form. It’s a win!

Water, Water everywhere!

This one can be popular for adults and kids alike. Consider renting a boat and setting out for an adventure aboard the S.S___(insert your family name!) You can even do a girls night, “friendSHIP” or “pals at the pond” theme. Driving to a secluded beach or lake outside your city is a great way to unwind and enjoy a slower pace without feeling limited. If you want weekday fun, consider purchasing an inflatable pool or slide. If you have access to the pool in your neighborhood, create water games that elevate the normal pool visits to fantastic water fun!! I incorporate learning and the kids really enjoy it. Ex: We do cannonball spelling. This is where the kids are given a word and if spelled correctly, they give the best splash possible after the word. We then rate the splash! They love it and I love that they are learning at their different ages cohesively.

Whichever way you choose to enjoy the season, just be sure you do it!


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