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Potty 101

You could have NEVER told me I'd be potty training again and me actually believe it. Yet, here I am with the beautiful #gabbymack. She has been my most challenging child when it comes to potty training. She's strong-willed and I'm tired, ha, ha! We were doing amazing and school has now set us back. It has taken many efforts tore successful and I am happy to report we're back on it for what looks like the finale to this last baby potty training sesh! Having to get more creative this time around, I've found that three components work like magic while keeping you and baby on track!

Reward System

Finding a treat system is just as unique as your child. For me, I desired to find treats that weren't edible (although, that is perfectly fine if chosen!) to champion her through the process. Treats that I've found to be successful are:

  • stickers

  • bubble machine

  • stamps

  • dance breaks

  • dramatic applause ( and I do mean Oscar-worthy!)

Rewarding after every restroom win encourages independence and eagerness to get it done!

Portable Potty

This has been huge and something I never did with my other two. Purchasing a portable potty seat and potty covers help your little one to feel comfortable using the restroom on the go! I purchased a seat that fits perfectly in my handbag, a back pack and the car. Additionally, I bring disinfectant wipes to wipe down the seat before and after us as well as whatever toilet surface it will be sitting on. You definitely don't want to pack up potty germs...ew, lol.

Trackable Progress

As you get your rhythm down, it is important to track restroom visits and contents. This will help you maintain a pattern and keep your child mindful of potty time. Utilize a calendar or notebook to track this progress and share with caregivers. Creating a schedule creates consistency which will ultimately support complete potty training!

We are getting so close to completion with our potty journey. The key is definitely consistency. For all the parents currently in this phase, more power to you! You will get through potty training triumphantly. Pass this on to a friend!


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