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Off Limits!

Because self preservation IS a thing!...

Recently, I have felt taxed with relationships (both business and personal) and realized the smile had left. What smile? The smile of the cheerful give, fulfillment and abundant willingness. Many times, out of commitment or desiring to be unwavering and solid in the way others experience us, we continue to do what no longer serves us for one reason or another.

RealiTEA: If you are not longer acting cheerfully in deed, you need to S-T-O-P!! You aren't doing anyone any favors and you're certainly doing yourself a disservice. It's ok to goback to the drawing board and do all it takes to protect your peace and the beauty of your "give".

So, now that we've given ourselves permission, where do we go from here? We take the necessary steps to create the boundaries! How?

No Dump Zone

Often, what we let into our beings through conversations, sets the tone for our mood. There's no reason that another's issues should become y

our baggage. Even more, it should not become a daily stressor. 1)Schedule communication 2) Reduce interaction and replace with edification and 3) Set guideline an be clear on what you desire to discuss are great ways to navigate your way out of being a dump for everyone's use.


Just say it! For me, the word itself is easy to utter. What often get's in the way? The desire to be the change I desire to see. I treat others how I desire to be treated and this can be good, however, if it becomes tasking, tiring and/or frustrating, it can become a burden. A retreat should be in the near future. It's great to "be there", supportive and available but you can't be everything to everyone, especially when you are worn thin.

Focus and Redirection

Fill your new lease on life (added energy and release of unnecessary weight) to replenish self. Focusing on your wholeness, your life demands, everyday goals and what makes you happy and renews your peace is what matter most. Choosing self preservation when needed most, doesn't need to be understood by others.

We are responsible for our experience, so let's take control over what penetrates that experience! Be empowered and resilient simply because you CAN win everyday!

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A. Guru
A. Guru
23 févr. 2021

Hey! Who found today’s blog post relatable?

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