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"Forget Me?!... Not!"

Yeah, The flowers are amazingly beautiful but the sentiment...not so much...

Whether you're married and a parent or single as a Pringle with no crumbs, it's so easy to get caught up in the highs and lows of the day...the week...the month or even the year without taking care of your personal wellness. You ARE your most valuable asset and you simply can't skimp on taking care of you. Many times, the importance of situations and tasks get in the way of setting healthy boundaries for us to keep balance in life. For me, this was a major issue. I am just now giving myself more priority and I want to make sure that we are all engaging in this healthy practice! Here are some keys that enabled me to take care of numero uno!

Planning and scheduling

If you don't have a planner, get one. You will be amazed at how much time you discover when you plan out the details of your day, week and even your month. With newly discovered time you can plan out business goals, input "you time" and figure out how to arrange as well as consolidate tasks to better suit your needs without leaving "you" out. Time management is your foundation to living your most fulfilled life. Jot down everything from meetings at work, soccer games and grocery shopping. Free yourself my planning to enable you to free up some time!

Try something new, a hobby or two

We are always evolving. Sometimes when "adulting", you lose sight of things that interest you and forget the interests that give you joy and fulfilment. Often times, we can't figure out how to fit in hobbies in an already hectic schedule. Well, it's already hectic so one more thing to add to your week? Dance class, cookie class, spoken work, a fitness group, etc. These are all great examples of interests you can add for a full life designed by you for YOU. "Live life, don't let it live you. You will thank yourself...

Relinquish Responsibility

Let go and Let God... Or the husband... Or a coworker...or the kids...whoever. Just let go. Being that I like to be in control of things, THIS one was EXTREMELY tough! You can't enjoy as much when you're wound up and running a tight ship. Release responsibility to those around you BEFORE you get to the point of no return. Pick a day or even an event you are interested in enjoying and just go. Everyone will survive, I promise. Let the bagger at your local grocery store walk your groceries out. Sure, you can do it yourself, but why not just take the load off. Allow your older child read to your younger; you'll be surprised at how much they enjoy the story. Let your boss worry about the details every now and again. A couple of more relaxed days isn't going to ruin your opportunity for promotion. Allow someone else to step in so that you can have an opportunity to put yourself first.

Journals aren't just for teens!

I used to have a Lisa Frank diary with heart-shaped lock ha, ha! Am I alone? Who else was big into Lisa Frank?? ..Ok, let's get back on subject (see the creative mess?!). A journal is NEEDED for your adult life. I took me quite a few years to realize this was necessary. Journaling makes you aware of your feelings, stresses and wonderful happenings. By being aware, you can strategize and look for tactics to avoid the same emotions surfacing again, come up with ways to counteract stressful moments and set up consistency with events that ignite wonderful feelings and positivity within you.


Yes, M.I.A...Taking 5-10 minutes away to sit and gather your peace before getting overwhelmed can make a drastic difference in balancing out your feelings throughout the day. It also helps you to think clearly and present the best you more often within the day! Extend your bathroom break, take the scenic route to meeting room "B" or even hide from the family in the pantry...hey, there's snacks in there. Win, win!

Find a goal to attain!

This one is easy to start and very rewarding. Choose something with a beginning and end date to commit yourself to; whether a volunteer effort, fitness plan or a contest. By committing to a task that deals with you individually, You reaffirm the importance of your individuality, provide yourself with a sense of sole accomplishment and reaffirms the gifts/talents that make you unique and beyond valuable. It also helps those around you to celebrate your person and provides a constant reminder that you are living, thriving and need replenishment, too!

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