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No Sharing!

Ah, family life...

It is a constant sharing of time, dwelling and space. While this cute and all, it can also become old quickly. Mainly, in a particular area: Sharing personal care items and task-oriented supplies!! It's just a no go for me and you can tell your family Alexas said it!

I am very frugalistic (only a term in the Guru?! Who Knew dictionary) and definitely try to go the cost effective route for many things. This area, however, I make it rain! Ha, ha!! Why?! Because my sanity depends on it, lol. Don't get me wrong, I STILL find the best places to purchase and hunt for deals but REGARDLESS, this will forever be my practice; whether $4 or $40. That's how passionate I am about this!

Just this morning, the hubs was looking for nail clippers and I realized at that very moment that I needed to get everyone a nail bin of their own, lol.

I am all about simplifying and organizing to create a smooth process and living experience. Getting everyone "their own" may not be saving bucks but it's extremely efficient for time management, accountability and ease of use. Example: Instead of purchasing 1 cetaphil jar to share, I purchase 5 and label them.

Everyone has a care bin in their restroom that has the same items to ensure they aren't borrowing others' items; yielding them usually misplaced or someone frustrated because an item isn't readily available.

Don't wish to buy multiples of certain things or find a great deal on a large size? Divide portions into reusable containers and continue to refill them as needed. I do this with cotton swabs, floss, certain hair products, etc. Office and school supplies are divided this way also. There are MANY places to find perfect containers to suit your needs!

Divided caddies, baskets and bins are a great place to store the items in a way that is user friendly and that can easily stay organized. Once the bins are created, say "NO"! This greatly helps with the responsibility aspect with kids. They are able to identify when they run out and keep track of use. For your extras, create a labeled back stock space within the home! This will further reduce rummaging and enhance the ease of use for the whole family!

Do yourself a favor and use this method with any family of two and over! When it was just the hubs and I, I would get upset about how he left the cap off the toothpaste and now he gets irritated if he finds a hastily placed kiddie fingerprint in his moisturizer. Providing everyone their own (with its own home) is the remedy for all of that!

Weigh in: Do you enjoy sharing with your family members? Share and be featured!

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