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New Year, less fear!

Happy New Year, you all!!! It’s truly a blessing to make it out of 2020 after the year we’ve all had, right?! While many of us can feel a new level of gratitude, I’m almost positive you’re a little more fearless, too... and why shouldn’t you be? You’re a survivor, for goodness sake!! Less fear means continued success near! Let’s keep the momentum:

Create a Track record

Whether vision board or journal, creating proof of your desires and goals is the best way to keep them tangible and review them consistently to stay on track throughout the year.

Be limitless

What you are able to accomplish first starts within the mind. How YOU think about you and what you CAN do, matters most. If your goals don’t make you uncomfortable, they aren’t big enough! Often times, people attach monetary goals and business ideas to this statement but it can be about adding emotional equity. Goals like sharing your feelings more frequently or choosing to be purposeful in every disagreement in efforts to move forward are big ones. Choosing to not be petty when you live for the mess, can be terrifying, ha, ha!! (Funny but’s a life line for so many. choosing to go higher can be the growth you’re afraid of.)

Give grace

...As you set your pace and learn ways to accomplish your goals. Everything may not happen overnight. Allowing yourself the grace you extend to others can give you more confidence to get it right and stay on track without being afraid to fail!

Don’t scrap the person you are becoming in the name of “new year, new you.” Choose to enhance what’s already blossoming!

I hope for an amazing new year for everyone, full of fulfilled promises, good health and continued wealth; mind, body and soul!


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