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Making the Most of a New Year!

We often set resolutions to begin at 12:00am, January 1st... It sounds good at first but quickly fades as February approaches. Why?! Because the timing for you to add a skill or an advancement to your life can sometimes be a tall order when you put a traditional date on things. To take it easy on myself, I choose 1 idea or goal to focus on until it's mastered; once mastered, I move on to the next. Before I know it, victories are happening one by one! Here a some tools I've found useful that will set you up for success!

1. Simplify your goal and be specific

KEEP.IT.SIMPLE. We are all in different phases in life. We all have struggles, challenges and things in our life that cause us not feel as amazing as we really are of stop us from being our best. You need to set goals that pertain to YOUR life and not general goals set by the masses. The point of setting goals, simply put, is to blossom into your best self! For a mom who always puts herself last, that goal could be making sure she combs her hair daily or for someone climbing the corporate ladder it could be to take one hooky day a month for self-preservation. Always remember, a simple brick is the foundation for all building. In other words, Each piece (bricks) you add to the foundation of you and the betterment of your life determines the overall outcome of your masterpiece! Rickety shack or ravishing mansion...I'll let you decide which one you are building within!

2. Put it on paper!

When you write something down, you can always refer to it as well as look back and see how far you've come! Writing your goals down also help you to become accountable and create a roadmap to get you started. Jotting your goal down as well as how you plan to accomplish it and how it will positively enhance your life, puts things into tangible perspective. When you know the benefits, you work harder to achieve goals set.

3. Create a daily affirmation for your goal

Saying or meditating on affirmations specific to your goal speaks life into what your attempting to accomplish. It also gives you the strength to push through when you feel exhausted with the road to your achievement.

4. Create a goal for the little people (if you have them:))

It's hard work raising human beings!! AND raising them to be well-rounded, kind, intelligent and strong??!!! my goodness, I'm tired just typing this sentence, lol...

With that being said, many often forget that our children ARE the future and giving them life skills that will aide their daily and future lives are often forgotten. Choosing one goal for them to work on during the year enhances their future life and adds ease to yours. I have chosen independence for my children to grown in this year. It's one goal but it affects so many areas present and future. While their gaining more independence, it lightens my mommy load!

5. Review and Reward yourself!

Set check points to see how you're doing with your goals set. Review sets backs and reasons as well as how far you've come in advancement regarding your goal. Give yourself a small token to help keep you on track to greatness!

Happy New Year! Share your goals with me!

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