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Lotions n’ Potions: Bye-Bye dry skin!

I’ve talked about vanishing dry skin previously on the blog and shared my efforts to remedy the issue. My dry plus Stephen’s dry equals eczema, lol, so It wasn’t a total shocker when 2 of 3 babies were gifted extreme dryness. Our newest princess is here and banishing her dry skin seemed tricky at first but bow we’re on easy street, thanks to some amazing finds and old faithfuls. While all skin is different, the continuous goal to take care of it can prove frustrating if you don’t know where to start. I’m sharing what we’re using that is working wonderfully:

Salve the Problem!

Salves are amazing blends of essential oils and amazing herbs that work hand in haNd to heal the skin!

I‘ve fallen in love with Ora’s amazing herbal’s Newborn Salve! It’s six ingredients including calendula and licorice root that delivers results! Desperate to find a remedy, I tried a few mainstream items that ended up a total bust. They would seemingly work and then irritate Gabrielle’s delicate skin shortly thereafter. This salve worked almost overnight (literally)! With all the ways it can be used, I find myself popping this jar open a few times a day. How I use it: As a barrier for drool around her neck, to treat dry patches/ creases (where they can happen most) and as a diaper rash preventive measure! This. Stuff. Works. Period!!

The Bee’s knees...

Burt’s Bees has won me over with this protective skin ointment. You will have a super shiny baby but happy you both will be! This may be too thick for some, but I’m about results and this is me enlisting the reinforcements, ha, ha!!! This is a wonderfully emollient all-over body ointment that works to smooth the skin and heal minor irritations. How I use it: Put down a towel and go to town! Lol. I use this from the neck down (I only use the newborn salve on her face) as part of our nightly routine. By morning, her skin is nice aNd moisturized.

Aquaphor all the more!

Aquaphor is a staple for our family! I keep some in my purse, the care, the bathrooms and now in the baby’s skincare basket! This ointment acts as a wonderful sealant when using steroid creams (when the skin has gotten out of hand) and great for quickly healing baby scratches and irritations. How I use it: when #GabbyMack was first born, adjusting to formula was rough. I quickly discovered one of the formulas was higher in sugar and she Quickly developed thrush as a result. It manifested in the fit of a diaper rash also. Using the aquaphor on top of the prescribed ointment allowed the cream to work 2x as fast! it also soothes the area creating less tears!

Conquering dry skin and eczema are no easy job but they have definitely been made a lot easier with the lotions n’ potions mentioned above. If you are battling with baby/kid dryness, gives these a try! I honestly have started using them on myself and love the results. Gentle and and effective is always the you don’t have to sacrifice either!


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