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ONE for the Books!

Family, I have a one year old!!! I cannot believe how time has flown. It has been the most beautiful whirlwind that I never saw coming. Becoming a mom of three has been no easy feat but I've done it. #GabbyMack and I have done it *insert ugly cry and now regroups because I'm a thug, ha, ha!!

It is my belief that with every child you have, you lose a piece of yourself. It can feel traumatizing but the realization shortly settles in that you CAN create a new part of you that becomes a gainful component.

What is the biggest lesson I've learned becoming a mom of three?

To be okay with my best; whatever that is for each day. Grace has become a hot commodity around here! Also, everyone is not going to get everything they need at once and that's ok. Pace yourself!

What excitement has Gabrielle added?

Her playful yet sassy personality! We adore her so much and are so very proud of the little lady she's becoming. What baby whistles tunes before they even walk?? lol.

What has been the hardest experience in the past year?

Giving birth at the height of the pandemic and not having extended family near when I needed them most. When Gabrielle made her debut, there was so much uncertainty and even the birth plan was a rollercoaster ride due to Covid. It was a scary time. Hunting like we were the cast of The Walking Dead for items like formula was crazy and nothing I could‘ve ever imagined would happen. So much of what we needed was in shortage BUT we were taken care of and it all worked out. That's the beauty of all that Gabrielle means to our family. She was the smoothest delivery although I was terrified.

Our family has gown even closer as a result of her presence. We enjoy US all the more and Gabrielle receive the abundance and overflow of our love. She keeps us all on our toes! As we celebrate a year of life Earth side with our beauty, I'm so thankful for an opportunity to continue mommin' for an additional round.

I can't wait to watch Gabrielle continue to grow and flourish. Here's to one... here's to beautiful moments with a beautiful little princess!


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