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Let there be light!

Light fixtures are like an instant facelift to any room! Its often the beginning of inspiration or the perfect finishing touch! I used to be intimidated by the task of installing a lighting until I developed an easier way to create a streamlined process that work every time. There are three things to remember when installing light fixtures:

Cut the power

Be sure to head straight to the power box before beginning a project. This reduces the risks of electrocution and other mishaps. If your box isn't color-coded and properly labeled., use a bit of painters tape to identify what has been shut off. This will reduce time and confusion a you complete the installation.

Nuts, bolts and screws

Gather all your extras and get it done! Many lighting kits do Not come with screws to attach the plating to the wire housing. They often only contain screws attach lighting to the provided plate. While you're gathering supplies, be sure to get:




Wire caps


White gloves (to avoid staining during installation.)

Flash light

Sat Watt?

You want to reduce any potential for blown fuses or fire hazards. It may sound like common sense but it can one surprising how often this important piece is overlooked. BE SURE TO CHECK THE WATTAGE REQUIREMENTS before selecting a bulb; or even bigger BEFORE installing your old bulb.You CAN do a lesser wattage but you SHOULD NOT go above what's listed. This is often found on the back side of the box as well as the side of bulb socket.

Once you utilize these three checklist items, installing light will become easier. Cheers to making your home beautiful!


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