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From a House to a Home: Easy Elbow Grease (Part 3)

Now that you have done Step 1 and 2, assembling the space along with a fine tuning is the next step and for many, a final step. Often times, elevating your finds adds a personal touch and can make your efforts far more aesthetically elaborate. You don’t need a degree in rocket science but you DO, however, need to be open to getting your hands dirty and going the extra mile to expand on your style with a little elbow grease!

Elevate & Expand

Adding character and taking your pieces to the next level is definitely where it’s at! You can elevate the style of pieces by:

Adding Texture

Texture automatically gives you high-end vibes. Did you know many textural accents can be ordered separately? Retailers like Amazon sell nailheads/strips, wood appliqués and even unique furniture legs for a wide range of pieces. Choosing to shop fabric emporiums can land you amazingly beautiful fabrics creating unique textiles full of interest.

Changing the Color

Don‘t be afraid of a little spray paint. A color swap can completely recreate a lamp, home accents and even carved art. This “all-in-one” is an easy weekend project that can be accomplished with little effort. A bucket of paint can also perk up old furniture you may already own or thrifted finds! Note: Always keep thinner and sanders readily available when making these changes.

Splurging on Hardware

A basic dresser can become something special by adding a well-made knob! Even the nicest furniture retailers provide super basic hardware on furniture. You owe it to yourself to personalize your new purchase. When I shop for a piece, I always have a hardware style in mind and purchase it simultaneously. Pictured is an Ikea dresser upgraded by a simple hardware change. Your hanging hooks, cabinetry and accent tables can all benefit from this treatment.

Making your house a home is so personal. Your nest should express how you enjoy life from the linens to the walls. Hopefully, these steps get you started towards creating something beautiful!


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