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Holiday fun unloaded: Part 2

Yes, going out is fun but indoor festivities can be just as much, if not more, fun due to flexibility and comfort! It's not always the easiest to plan the fun but if you stick to guidelines (we'll call them traditions ; )), you can tweak the details to create newness time after time! I've always stuck to certain themes to create consistency and get me ahead of the game with brainstorming fun ideas. What's holiday fun without:

Pajamas and pancakes

Choosing a breakfast spread over the traditional evening holiday feast can be a fun switch up. It's beautiful on Christmas because you're likely up enjoying gift opening, so it naturally flows! Its also a welcomed surprise on mornings where things are slow-paced and everyone's sleeping in. Is it just my crew that wakes up if they smell bacon cooking?!

During this time, you can stop by specialty places like World Market or standard faves like Target and pick up uniquely flavored flapjack mixes, gourmet hot chocolate bombs and more to elevate your breakfast and usher in the Christmas spirit.

Festive movie nights

Popcorn mixes, holiday movies and blankets are the perfect holiday evening to spend with family. We often have movie nights so making holiday viewings special matters! How do I elevate the experience: 1) Create movie themed snack boards 2) Create a menu you'll only eat during holiday movie time or 3)reserve special blankets and movie tables that are themed and beautiful!

Baking and making

Cookie decorating contests, gingerbread house making or even baking cookies for gifting is always a good time! The kids love working together to create something delicious and further take pride in giving them. It promotes carefree togetherness that everyone will ask for EVERY year...even the unimpressed teen, lol. This year, we are having a chopped challenge and teaming up to make it yummy.

Themed game nights

One of the beautiful things about the innanet (lol) is the abundance of information. Pinterest and good ol' google will give you so many ideas for game nights surrounding the holidays.

Even more, the tutorials hold your hand every step of the way!

Try these ideas for the coming days leading up to Christmas and even the day of! I hope you and your family's experience a time of fun, laughs and relaxation that strengthens your bond and creates irreplaceable memories!


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