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Gifting Mom

Mother's Day is upon us, folks! It's amazing how the year is flying by, right?!

Among all the special holidays, Mother's Day and Father's Day are both so important and provide the opportunity to share our love and appreciation fur our life givers, first apartments and often the special people that love us the hardest. Many may think Mom wants to be showered with gifts but I've heard many moms over the years echo the same desires of time, replenishment and affirmation. For me, it went as follows:

First baby- "Aw, I'd love to go to brunch as a family! Yes to photos and all day family time in honor of me..."

Second baby- "I'd love to have a nicely planned out getaway that's complete with brunch as a family at departure and a basket of kisses upon arrival.

Third baby (and my current state)- "Don't plan anything unless it’s with these kids because I'm outtyyy!! You don't have to feed me, just get out of my way" Ha, ha!!!!

That escalated quickly, right?! lol.

Truly, as mothers, we give so much and are selfless day in and day out. Our cup often needs to be refilled. Sadly, no one realizes the importance until Mother's Day rolls around. BUT, now that mothers have your attention, here are a couple of ways to provide time, affirm her and/or replenish her being.

Provide family free rest

Choose to book a bed & breakfast or weekend stay! So many hotels and resorts have packages you can purchase to ensure she's well taken care of during her stay.

Take the time to convey your gratitude

Don't let the day get away without telling her all the ways she makes life easier, instances where you feel her support and why she irreplaceable. Kind words go a long way!

Create a space for self care/maintenance uninterrupted

When you look good, you feel even better! giving her the TIME to regroup and get herself together physically can boost her mood and assist her in catching up on self maintenance that's been put off. Prioritizing what's important to her allows her to feel celebrated.

This Mother's Day, try to be thoughtful in your gifting and when in doubt, ask! To all mothers, I hope that you feel seen beyond tasks and appreciated for all the beauty you provide in every family members' life. -xo


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