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Getting more D-O-N-E

A laundry list of items to complete is never easy but it's the life we all live. So many say "Everyone has the same 24 hours" and while it is a true statement, when you aren't strategic with your time, it will often feel cut down to less than half. How can we win and get more done?! By:


Schedules are a great way to keep you on tasks. Pair your schedule with alarms and details on all that needs to be accomplished. The first few times you work to adhere to created schedule, you may not get all done in the time allotted. Once you've completed the week, jot down what worked and all that didn't. Create new time increments and work within these parameters. Repetition will create success!


Make a list and check it twice! I find that I am old school and still write lists as an effective tool for a visual aid of all that needs to be done. Truly, it just works. I've written on "post-it progress" and how important the "jot" can be. Get you a notepad and use it as an additional measure to cross check your progress! I keep one in the kitchen, car and my handbag. It definitely comes in handy!


Don't feel ashamed to ask for and/or hire help! Using your time and resources to the best of your ability id the goal. Releasing some responsibility to a more efficient party may be just what your time management needed! We have a company to clean the house monthly and it gives back so much time. Coming together with your spouse and other family members to create a plan of action that redivides tasks to add more balance is so beneficial to daily progress.

Getting more accomplished in your day creates an unmatched feeling of sustainable progress. Don't miss out on that! You CAN...we just sometimes have to get creative with the HOW! Happy Tuesday!


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