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Get the Tea!

Who else has pre-teens/teens out there?! Bless you.

This space has been a different one for sure! While I'm excited to watch my beautiful princess evolve into a queen, working to communicate (and keep it going) is tougher than trying to find the 8th wonder of the World, ha, ha! It's more than tough. Although for many it's a natural progression (according to what I hear), communication is so crucial and I'm willing to work to keep it going. So much happens and unlike when we were kids, with social, devices, etc. you can't escape it and move to another day. For me this adds greater importance to tackling the task! I have found "planned impromptu" has worked amazingly. The vault now overflows!

We have tea time once every couple weeks. Once the sugar lumps drop, so does the topic of conversation. It's such a great time and the perfect use of space and opportunity. It's planned for me, but unplanned for her. This catches my daughter off guard and allows for the vulnerability needed to support her and nurture her in what's mattering most at the time.

I actually use this technique with my son as well and it works like magic! Errand runs paired with lunch, walks with pit stops and ice cream runs are all effective settings for amazing talks. Often, I'll lead with a light situation, that I may be dealing with or express how much "our time" means to me. I share how much I look forward to hearing their outlook because I care how they view life. It works seamlessly, opening the vault of pearls. May the weekend unlock new communication for your families!🖤


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