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From a House to a Home: Upcycling n’ Glam (Part 1)

Let me get a raise of hands: Who all has visions of elaborate beauty in their home?? I knew it wasn’t just me. Truth is, once you add a spouse, kids, pets and analyze the cost, it ends up looking like a love shack with one window ha, ha!! Creating a ”do not touch” home just ends in headaches and stress; trust me, I know. My family is unconsciously rough on things. Even when baby girl spoke about what she wanted in her room, she didn’t factor in how the desk with all the organizational gadgets and bins would possibly get marker stains and paint splatter on them whenever her creativity spontaneously hit. The way she wanted her room to look would make MTV cribs jealous (I’m telling my age, ha!!). They mean well, but truly, we just aren’t there yet as a family unit, lol. I though to myself, "maybe when the kids get much older.." But then I remembered, I would still have my husband. So there goes that, ha, ha!! smh...

I don't know who needs to hear this but: Giving up and allowing the home to be a free for all, is a NO-GO also. Your home should be your retreat and also have personality embedded in its fibers. I’m huge on upcycling and glamorizing inexpensive finds because it’s an amazing way to get all that you want in your space without breaking the bank. The best way I have found to accomplish this goal (While in the shopping/creating step of the process) is to consider functionality first, then quantity and finally durability.


This one is neck and neck with durability for my family. How does it add to the space? Can it be used multiple ways? Will the placement be optimal in high traffic areas? These are all important questions that must be answered before money and time is spent. Walk through and write down what isn’t working. Follow that with your desires for what your ”dream space” consists of; no mater how expensive. A blueprint is necessary and nothing is too grand for creativity! Once you’ve compiled all your data, you must decide what will and will not work with your lifestyle in mind.


For my household, I have found simplicity works best. Being intentional about the pieces is key to achieving a look that will last. Here comes the relaness: If you find that tidiness is an issue, that’s an indicator that you need to reduce your quantity. Less is more when your presentation is beautiful. I have a preteen that can’t seem to keep random knick knacks off of the floor. So, guess what?! They were re-homed. Her new bedroom consists of only 4 large pieces. I chose to add the “extra” on the wall (where it won’t be touched). it has worked wonders in being able to maintain style. When revamping, consider ordering a dumpster and creating a toss event for the family. My husband is a low-key hoarder, so this is a perfect exercise for those like him, ha, ha!! Be sure to keep the pieces that can be repurposed and/or upcycled. Good bones and good structural condition is key. Keeping a continuous mindset of only having pieces around that are needed will keep your space streamlined. With reduced quantity, it allows for easier cleaning, less odors (due to smells attaching to fibers/fabrics) and a better flow of your home design.


Like I said before, this is BIG. Although pretty self-explanatory, it’s one that many overlook. Many times, when you are striving to achieve a specific look and goaling yourself to be high style and low cost (this applies even if money isn’t a consideration) you will not get all of your winning pieces simultaneously. Which means, what you do find initially will have to remain in good condition while you‘re hunting for the other pieces so that when it comes together as does your vision! Test out what materials stand up against the toughness of your family; from textiles to hard surfaces. Example: There were plates that I really wanted and they ended up not being “them approved” lol. I bought two and mixed them in with other dishes. Within a few weeks, they were chipped and scratched. This gave me my answer. No matter how much or how little something costs, it must stand the test of time; otherwise, it’s money wasted. Your home should be created with constant use in mind.

We’re just getting started, folks! Simplifying and organizing first starts with finding what works. This is greatly beneficial in our homes. You can have a beautiful space AND have small kids, wild pets and/or work that often comes home. Stay tuned as we continue this topic over the next few weeks. It’s #homelife and #homedecor that works! Until next time...


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