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Dissolve or Evolve

"Your journey may require a different path. Not everyone is meant to travel alongside you the for the duration."

It can be hard navigating relationships; especially when you can't control other adults and actions beyond your own. This past Sunday, I went to church and the pastor began a series on relationship management and the proper way to relationships (especially those in turmoil). I was over the moon (heavy on the sarcasm, lol)

What shouldn't we do?

  • coerce

  • convince

  • control

While these seem easy to avoid, our language to others often communicates one of the c's because we simply desire for others to see things our way. I got to thinking...

I have often found myself going to great lengths to help others understand my intentions to the point of exhaustion because it is a frequent going theme that I'm OFTEN misunderstood. "Why don't others understand me the way I feel they should?"... "Is it really that hard?"

It is important to know that you should goal yourself in removing barriers and obstacles; not for reconciliation. Some relationships may never resolve or be in a positive, progressive space. Guess what? Thats ok! It's the work on self that enhances relationships.

I thought on this for a couple days...

I realized that I have to reposition the focus on me and not who isn't for me. Why? Situations and many relationships don't need my assistance to dissolve if it isn't meant to evolve. Trying to make sense of these instances and uncomfortable situations often causes us to further murky the water, sometimes jeopardizes our character and can cause a cycle of constant inflammation to an already shaky issue. Everything has a perfect way of coming to the surface; WITHOUT OUR HELP. Still, in the midst, we should strive to be a light.

Is it easy? Heck to the naw, naw! lol. Is it worth it for your continued peace and beautiful evolution? Certainly.

What's something we can all work on? Making a greater effort to not devalue other's feelings EVEN if you don't agree. As uncomfortable as it may be, acknowledgment is the FIRST step to healing and proper closure/forward movement. Do your work...everything else will work the way it's meant to.

Be empowered to win this week! xoxo- Alexas


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