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Friendship Afloat

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

We’ve all been there…questioning the validity of friendships, wondering if they serve your current place in life or asking if was even a friendship to begin with! Relationships, in all capacities, are a constant work. Defining where a relationship stands can be tricky often because you just don’t know where you stand. A few ways to measure the friendship can help you navigate and create clear lines and understanding to promote progression and/or a clean break with feelings intact. It’s not the easiest, but we are about growth, right?!

The “This isn’t working for me!” Friendships

The moment you reflect and don’t feel whole in your friendship is the moment you should call a meeting. Regardless of how crazy, your feelings are valid and speaking on what bothers you can keep you from harboring ill feelings and keeping an unfair tally of occurrences. List the issues that you have and share in an intimate setting to diminish intimidation and promote openness.

The “One-sided” Friendships

We’ve all been in one; a one-sided relationship. It doesn’t feel good when you’re on the receiving end and sometimes it can go unnoticed if you’re the dishing it out. Life has challenges and is certainly not always easy to navigate. When life takes over in the worst ways, we can often make everything about us without realizing we are neglecting our friend duties. While this is understandable, BEING VERBAL about our need for a “Self-Centered” moment. This can make all the difference how you are viewed when needing a little extra TLC from the friendship. Compassion will become the focal point during that period. If it seems a friend is constantly using all the spotlight, then it’s time for bring light to the fact, sensitively, and make plans to ensure you get a little shine.

The “I’ve Outgrown us” Friendships

Uncomfortable as it may seem, it’s totally possible and happens all the time. Many times, relationships can be seasonal and meant to last only for a period. At times, relationships may have been meant to last forever but due to the lack of growth and elevation of mindset, forever can change to what once was. Friends should celebrate positive strides and not constantly remind you of low points. Friends should support accomplishments and promote you vs. being jealous of the hard work you’ve input.

All of the types of friendships can be heart checks that are needed to optimize your fullness in life. Friendship should add to you positively and not leave you with nothing to take away. Many times we don’t evaluate because we don’t want to hurt one another or we’ve known each other for so long.


Building the right friendships can enhance your life in the best ways. Great friends are hard to come by and when you find them, hold on tight!

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