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Note to Self: Being STILL is the move!

Many times in the past, I have found myself trying to plot my next move and nothing seemed to make sense. It didn't seem to yield my goal in the time allotted and out of frustration, I would make hasty moves. Sometimes, being still is exactly what we need to propel us forward. It's sounds crazy in theory but making choices in desperation can land you exactly where you don't desire to be.

Truth is...

The very things we teach our kids (or those younger) on patience, timing and commitment can be our own personal issues without us realizing where we're lacking. In an age of social media and seemingly instant success we can forget the reality of "the process". Everything worth having is a process and requires time; whether short or long term.

When your formula for life gets complicated, It's best to take one day at a time. Write down all that IS happening, what NEEDS to happen and ideas and ways it CAN change/happen. Taking a look at what you're facing in written form gives you a clear view to initiate a plan of action for your success.

According to me...

God knows our challenges and all that we face. He also knows what it takes to get us to the next level far better than we do. I have met very few challenges that didn't positively impact my life and how I now operate. Sure, it was horrible then and I felt defeated. Many times, there's a "you" goal that needs to be attained to achieve your desires and continue to thrive. When you put forth your best efforts and it SEEMS (often times we are just being impatient) to not be working: STOP. BE STILL. WAIT. It will work through to your benefit when it’s time.

This is your little reminder as I always encourage myself to trust the process. Fulfillment of the desire is coming! Keep going, family!

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