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Cold & Flu Season MVP's

Guys, we are currently the sniffle crew. WE were caught in the rain and it was literally all she wrote, lol. Thankfully we have colds but during this time, flu and sinuses and severe allergies are always trending ( I giggle and shed a small tear all at once, ha, ha!)

Making sure you are stocked with supplements and holistic remedies is a great place to begin in combatting illness. Proactive always gets further than reactive! I would like to share that I am NOT a medical professional and this is a list of what works for me and my family. Please seek the advice of a professional before starting new regimens or supplements.


Supplements that I keep in rotation at the German household during this season are:


Vitamin D


Vitamin C

You can find many all-in-ones like Airborne, Emergen-C and Mary-Ruth's 7-in-1 Immune support but I often like to purchase vitamins separately. Almost all of the supplements listed come in hard pill, soft gel, gummies and liquid to accommodate different age groups and intake needs.

Where to Buy:

I like to browse Costco often for availability in larger quantities. Further than quantity needs, my favorite place in Atlanta to purchase everything from vitamins and essential oils to alkaline water is a store called Good Nutrition. I love that there are MANY different brands to choose from as well as extensive information provided so you can make a choice that is right for you. For a grocery store, Sprouts also has a pretty good selection.


Pay attention to your patterns/cycles. Learn when you are hit hardest and begin planning ahead of that time. Additives to your diet like ginger and turmeric can aid in the fight for a strong immune warrior, equipped to carry you through with little hiccup. If you suffer with seasonal allergies or respiratory issues, get with your doctor and work on getting tools similar to what's utilized for you in the office through your insurance. This can make a huge difference in how long you suffer. Sign up with mail delivery for your prescriptions to never miss a beat and save BIG on costs!

Staying active and finding ways to get moving during this tough season can also help your body rise and fight! Even further, frequent sterilization and cleaning of common areas and bathrooms are extremely helpful in your efforts.

Get ahead of the game and prepare today! Wishing you and your families health and wholeness this cold-weather season!


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