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4 Eyes

A couple of months ago, I received a referral from the pediatrician to follow up with our optometrist for my son Joshua. Being that my oldest daughter already wears glasses, I decided to book his appointment with hers to get them done simultaneously and to make him feel more comfortable with the prospect of becoming a wearer.

We got through the appointment with flying colors. We learned that he has some eye strain and would benefit from utilizing glasses while reading and completing work at school. He listened to the doctor and seemed to understand excitedly. About 2.5 seconds later, he was having a almost silent meltdown. What is a parent to do? Truly, even when you think you're giving your best and know you're doing what's right, these moments can feel exhausting. I quickly go over to hime to calm him and really hear his heart without drawing attention. I realized that even though he would be wearing them minimally and seemed to like the benefits, he was truly upset at the thought of others not accepting him in glasses. My cool, confident kid was questioning himself. This was the first time I had ever heard him voice caring about what others thought.

In this process, I was reminded how much our affirmations and encouragement as parents can turn the view of an instance around. I took on the challenge and before long, everyone in the office was complimenting him on his extra set of eyes! He left with his chest out, head high and shoulders squared.

In addition to the support aspect, great ways to help your kids feel more comfortable with wearing glasses are:

  • Letting them choose!

  • Listing the benefits that apply to their everyday tasks

  • Reminding them of family and those they are inspired by that also wear glasses

  • Marry the necessity and style aspects immediately to encourage strength in making their statement and to begin building the confidence.

Every moment is a learning curve. Building these amazing people takes extensive effort in understanding and loads of love for two eyes or four!

If you're in the market for a new wearer, be sure to utilize these tips and make it a successful visit!


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