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Sonshine Everyday!

My youngest has turned 7....7!!! It's hard to believe that time has flown that fast! He has truly blessed my life in ways I cannot describe. Becoming a mother for the second time, after my daughter, was a unique experience as I was trying to figure out how I would wrangle two. I planned to not have children as my checklist seemed endless as a #bossbabe. I strongly felt they did not fit into my plan. Boy was I wrong! I simply cannot picture life without them... They show me the best parts of myself and when building a legacy gets stressful, they are always there to balance my life.

When I had my son, I had a mini-me, a little more. He is meticulous, brilliant, thoughtful and has a silent strength I've never seen in a child. I love me some him and have so many reasons why he gives me Sonshine Everyday!

What I love:

Joshua has always been so peaceful. He naturally grew into a laid back young man. When he wants to spend time us individually, he will quietly integrate himself into whatever the activity is. Before you know it, its a "Joshua and I" activity. He freely hugs and shares a kind word when we need it most. He motivates our family to be our best. The other day were walking and riding bikes and it turned into a whole fitness session led by Joshua. I was doing squats and burpees PAST my threshold, lol. Once we were done, he told Bailey and I how proud he was of us and how awesome Bailey did. She felt so encouraged that she couldn't wait to do it all again. He leads with care and love. That's more than I could have ever asked for... I see his "MAN" and I'm already beyond proud.


It's hard when you're trying to discipline the "you" in your kids, ha, ha! Joshua gets me EVERY time. He has a one-liner for everything. He says very little but gets his point across crystal clear, ha, ha! Before I can get upset or pose a question, I'm immediately faced with self saying, "that's what I would have said"...ha!!! I can't help but to admire him and It always make me giggle a bit.

Joshua truly is an amazing young man! I feel so honored to be his mother and can't wait to experience year 7 with him. We have 4 new teeth growing in, a new grade and many adventures along the way. He lights up my life! Show Joshua some love and wish him a happy birthday with me! (This is one of his favorite pictures!)


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