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A baby bus must: The Cadillac Escalade

This. Truck. Is. Everything!!!! I love it more today than I did the day the hubs surprised me with it! Is it swaggy? Yes! Is it classy? Yes, ma'am! But above ALL else, is it worthy of a rave review due to its functionality? Ding, ding, ding....Yessss!

I love the Cadillac Escalade all the more for what it provides and the ease it makes traveling; whether going down the street or hitting the road for a family vacation. Before #GabbyMack left her first apartment in the womb, I was convinced I could make it work in my smaller SUV and didn't even care to weigh my options and see what the Escalade provided. Knowing how stubborn I can be, my husband decided, after research, that it would be the perfect car for both of my babies (my kids and my business)! He even decided it had to be the ESV and boy was he right! Don't tell him I said that, ha, ha!!

The Escalade ESV has comfort and family in mind within the totality of its design. Everything is functional, beautiful and mindful. If you find yourself in the market, there a new, this year model possibly with your name on it! The reasons why "it's the Escalade ESV for me":

House on Wheels

With multiple sockets and outlets, I can basically cook a meal on the road, ha, ha!! No, I haven't done it but I can't lie and say the thought hasn't entered my mind on the crazy thoughts side, lol. PSA: Don't do that! I DO however bring the bottle warmer, my son's conditioning machines, etc. with us and conveniently plug them in for use. In addition to the outlets, there is a full blown theatre system that individual to each row! Everyone can peacefully coexist in utter bliss. The car has never been so quiet. There are food holder (yes, food holders) in addition to several cup holders. talk about #winning!!

Windshield wonders and Safety

I have actually become more conscious of my speed (smh) and have a whole control panel that stays visual on the windshield while the car is in operation (heads up display feature)! The moment another vehicle gets too close, it immediately begins recording and alerts. The SUV performs self-stops and has front to back motion sensors. It's giving all the top-notch security, ok!

Storage and space

The trunk is hands-down a win! All the seats have the ability to go down flat, allowing endless tow/transport possibilities. No longer will we have to decide what does. We'll just bring it all!! Complete with two DEEP armrests and multiple storage cavities, the kids' items can be neatly stored and out of sight!

Practical Luxury

The seats heat AND cool!!! This works amazingly for my family because everyone can control their comfort levels. The navigation system pairs wonderfully with my phone while still making all other auxiliaries capable of simultaneous use. in simple terms: EVERYBODY"S HAPPY, ha, ha!!

This vehicle is definitely worth taking a look at. She's simply a keeper! The Cadillac Escalade ESV get a 10 from me!!

What's your favorite family vehicle? Share and be featured!


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