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3 ways to save: Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is next week, Folks!! It crept up super fast, right? On social a couple weeks ago, I mentioned that it was a great idea to start shopping for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner as many stores put almost ALL of the popular feast items on sale a few at a time each week. Well, we're here now. one week before!

In addition to watching the sale this week and early next week, there are three additional ways to save on feeding a crowd!

Gift cards from wholesale clubs

This is a tip that I gained notoriety for with a publication I previously contributed to. This is a simple way to save big (it's also perfect if you don't cook or wish to take the easy street)! Head to your wholesale club and browse the gift card section. Honey baked ham and other restaurants can be frequently found.

The gift cards are usually 20% off or more AND you get the full retail amount! EX: Purchase a honey baked ham gift card pack for $80 ( That's valued at $100) and pair it with a current promotion as gift cards are equivalent to cash! #winning

Buying Bulk

Choose to shop wholesale for sides, breads and meats. This will reduce your costs overall and due to frequent sales around this time, you'll have so much more to go around. Costco has green beans by the case and crispy onions on sale for far less than the grocery store currently (and for small amounts). Think ahead and purchase, utilizing for Thanksgiving and Christmas if you have a small gathering or are potluck royalty with your single signature dish.

Think ahead

The earlier you shop, the better. The goal would be to ideally get your shopping done before the weekend is out. Utilize next week to stop by the grocers to pick up utensils BOGO disposable pans and storage. Something I do every year for sides like dressing and Mac n' cheese is make a large pan and freeze half. This means less work for Christmas! Who does double work?! Not I said the GOAT! lol, yep I'm the greatest! Utilize these tips and we'll be sharing the crown!

I can't with to chat on what I plan to cook and share holiday deets with you all soon. Until Thursday, beautiful people!xo


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