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1/2 The Time Meal Prep!

This goes out to all the "fixers" out there! You are valued and you can meal prep and create amazing meals, too!

We all marvel at the "Wolfgang pucks" and "Kardea Browns" who seem to easily whip together a gourmet meal at the drop of a hat simply because it's Tuesday. While this is forever goals, the reality is, everyday isn't set up that way. Between work, practices, errands and hectic weekly routine, it may seem as though it's just not doable. Then add the facts that you may not be the strongest cook???! "fagetaboutit!!" *dials Grubhub*...ha, ha!! Is this you?! If so, don't feel attacked. You are loved, lol.

Planning is the answer to so many facets of life. Creating better meals is another great way to set your family up for success. Summer is a great time to start as fresh produce creates endless side dish options! Note: I love Sprouts for small quantities!

Make your meal easier by:

Picking up the Entree

Stop by your local grocer or favorite restaurant and grab you roasted chicken, seared fish and any other "mains" you all enjoy! Pair it with a nice salad, roasted veggies and/ fresh cut fruit for a hearty and easy meal.

Stock up on steam packs

A little butter, salt and freshly cracked pepper goes a long way when making easy steam veggies from the grocery store. Load up and pop them in the microwave after you've completed your main dish. Note: I am not a heavy microwave user so I cut the steam packs and place the veggies in a pot with a few tablespoons of water and steam them this way. It's still and easy process!

Foil for easy cooking & clean up

Roasting, grilling and baking are sure-fire ways to infused flavor into your food! You can purchased marinated meat and veggies from wholesale clubs, Trader Joes and Whole Foods! Unpack it, cook it (I still add a few of my favorite seasonings) and dine!

You don't have to rely on fast food for timely meals nor do you have to feel intimidated with creating balanced meals on a regular basis! A little help is always a plus. You've got this! I'd love to know some of your favorite weeknight meals. Share with me!


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