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The Salad Ballad!

I love salads!! While this isn't an uncommon love, growing tired of them can also be a going theme. Many people approach salads when they're looking to cut back and immediately think about what they'd rather be eating. I've discovered over the years that this is mainly due to the lack of creativity and versatility. You have soooo many options when creating a salad! Dressings, toppings....chop salad, wedge salad...romaine, spinach, arugula... Listen, I could go on and on. You might as well call me the "Bubba" (Forest Gump) of salads, ha, ha! Here are some tips to making a good salad and looking forward to singing your own salad ballad!


I'm a Texas girl and born of a Louisianan so I love tacos, Mexican food and a little cajun heat! I gravitate towards "blackened" salads and salads including beans and avocados with a toss of tortilla strips. Figuring out whether you are in the mood for savory, spicy, or sweet is the first step to building an awesome salad. Once you decide what you're in the mood for, choose whether you want a light or filling salad. I know it sounds crazy but this can make all the difference of you creating a refreshing side or an all-in-one meal.

Choose your bed

Many often opt for the familiar romaine. While it's safe, it's also low on the flavor meter. Try spicing things up with the tartness of arugula or chicory as these pair amazingly with Asian inspired salads! Butter Lettuce and Iceberg create perfect wedge salads and salad tacos! I can translate anything into a taco, ha, ha!

On hand

Keeping tasty toppings on hand and a variety of dressings (or ingredients to create an amazing sauce) is a great way to constantly create salad perfection. Often times, when we think of eating clean, we quickly resort to eating salads...what is that?!lol. I believe it is because it's thought of as a one-stop shop for healthy alternatives. Fact is, if there isn't variety, you're not likely to continue whipping out lettuce after day two. seeds, dried fruits, nuts etc. are all heaving hitters in creating delicious salads, time and time again!

What's your favorite salad? Send in a pic and be featured! Share now!


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