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Young Athletes: Staying ahead of the game!

Calling all soccer moms, dance dads and baseball babysitters!!!! Sure, youth sports and extracurricular activities definitely requires commitment and you becoming an Uber but there's more to it than just shuttling these pint-sized phenoms around. Whew, I'm tired just thinking about it...

When I first started on this journey (yes, journey), I quickly realized that I was ill-prepared and simply not efficient. I immediately got frustrated and felt like it was too tall of an order; especially for two kids. Now, they both do multiple activities and I'm swervin' around without even breaking a sweat. Won't he do it?! Ha, ha! Your girl has mastered the fine art of surviving and staying ahead. Im about to give you a game plan sure to assist you in scoring this goal. By the end of this, YOU will be #GOALS.

Regardless of the activity, supplies and/or attire is always needed! Being that we know this is inevitable (and expensive!!! Sorry, just a small vent) we must plan ahead to ensure everything is always in one place just incase you have to grab and go due to time constraints. Backpacks/pocketed bags will be your best friend. Always keep their uniforms and accessories inside of the bag AT ALL TIMES. As soon as practice or class is over, repack the bag, to ensure its always ready.

Be sure to always sign up for phone alerts and emails regarding important info for upcoming classes and practices. Staying in the know utilizing this tool, keeps you head of the game by knowing cancellations in real time, any additional items needed for upcoming dates and gives you constant reminders pertaining to snack duty.

Invest in cold weather as well as warm weather clothing and accessories. Switch them out as them out as the season changes. Easy pull on and off clothing always make for a smoother transition when you are on limited time; if needed you swap out in the car!

Always invest in large hydration bottles for ALL activities. The chances of your child needing water breaks are high regardless of chosen sport. One regular-sized water bottle just isn't going to cut it. Large hydration bottles are sold at your local retailers and sporting good stores for a small investment! They are so worth it.

Keep a pop-up crate in your trunk to hold balls, first aid, sunscreen (if outdoors), bug spray, high protein snacks, a hand towel or two and a small umbrella. It's also a great idea to keep a small outdoor blanket and at least one portable chair....You will be so glad you did this.

Be sure to always but dates of classes, performances and games in your planner along with your tasks. this enables you to see the whole picture and not forget the details while piecing together cohesive times that allow you to ace each day with flying colors!

If you have additional time prior and are ok with eating dinner on the go, purchasing an insulated bag to keep food at prepped temperature and meal-prep containers can give you the ability to feed the kids directly after class/practice to allow more time for bedtime routines when you return home.

Mini activities are not always easy to accomplish but with a few simple tips and reminders, you can be a master! Tuck these in your back pocket!

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