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A Little Bubbly out of the Jubblies

I was definitely a late bloomer and I felt my lady lumps couldn't come fast enough. I would pray nonstop that I would finally get my lump sum, lol. Well, I guess God got tired of me filling up the mailbox, so they finally came. I got a double portion at a "Jessica Rabbit" size of 36G!!! I recently decided to have a breast reduction being the I was done breastfeeding my children and moving out of the childbearing phase (I still have baby fever at times, lol). IT HAS BEEN ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I'VE MADE!! I jotted a few things down for those of you considering it that I didn't know going into it below!


I am able to workout with ease, wear my clothes the way I want and not purchase custom bras! The previous bruising from the heaviness of my breast has left my shoulders and my posture is royal! Somebody get my crown! ha, ha!


Be sure to rest your body and take ALL help offered. Also, be sure to have loose clothing on hand; nothing poking, nothing tight, nothing itchy...

Your rest is vital to a speedy recovery and ease of discomfort. Do not lift a, at all. Get a volunteer nurse to help you with your drains, adjustments and the medicine administering.


Do your research, look for those you know who have had the procedure. When you find them, ask for pictures or a live inspection. Regardless of how creepy, sharing is caring .It is most beneficial for you to see a real outcome, feel incisions, scar tissue, etc. Referrals always aid in you making an informed decision. My selling point for the surgeon I chose was the fact that he also specialized in prosthetic and reconstructive surgery. A surgeon specializing in those additional things gave me added assurance that 1) he would care about the aesthetic beauty while creating the new breast and 2) if the first procedure did not meet my expectations, he would be able to fix it! I am a Picky Vicky!!


Massaging your incisions is sooooo key to flawless recovery! That's something I cannot stress enough. Grab your oil of choice and massage your incisions every 2-3 hours post surgery. It will be unpleasant at first, but you will be so happy you did later! Note: Vitamin E works wonders on those blessed with the extra melanin;-)


I did not know this, but knowledge upfront helps you mentally prepare for the road ahead. Your surgeon will map out the plan of action to ensure you have a great blood supply during the procedure. When you have large areolas, like I did, the blood supply and the viability of tissue can be compromised if all removed at once. If not removed all at once, you will have a small amount of old areola remaining on your "T" incision directly under your new areola. Your doctor can go back, after tissue has regenerated new cells for a couple months, and remove the remaining old areola, quite simply. I had to undergo this and it was a breeze. I am actually very happy it happened this way because I feel like I got the most visually appealing outcome due to it being a 2-part procedure.

If you have any specific questions, please send a message. I will answer you honestly:) I hope this helps you and you have a wonderful experience as well. Everyone raise your glass to new Marraccas!

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