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School's Out... Now what?! (Academics)

Updated: May 20, 2022

Attention parents! in just a few days, school will be out for Summer break. This can often create a cause for panic as you're scrambling to figure out a game plan for the next 8 weeks. Even if you will have care your children during the day (bless you!lol), the stakes are still pretty high for successful days at home each day. PLANNING will win the day everyday! Whether you plan out the month or week by week, it is an important tool for success!

In a previous post, I discussed how vital having the golden three:

  • Established bedtimes

  • Scheduled outings

  • Exercises for academic retention

I also spoke on the importance of having a Summer focus and setting goals each week. Being that we know what to do, it's important to begin assembling the tools to get it done!

The frequent questions I receive refer to academic retention. This is such an important topic as research shows the average student loses 20-34% of the year's learning over the Summer. That being said, this is my answer to creating a gainful Summer!


Choose a set time to read each day. Reading 30 minutes a day increases comprehension, attention to detail and extends vocabulary. Create a reward system for completing reading minutes each week. Our is a pizza party at their favorite spot!


Choose a few topics each week for free writing as well as worksheets that have paragraphs/ sentences (depending on age) to proofread. I often purchase blank books and have my kids write stories for the littlest German to enjoy at bedtime!


Math is the most versatile and can be added to ANYTHING. From store runs and counting money to dinner time and creating equal fractions, it's the easiest subject to incorporate in daily tasks. I love to be intentional and print off math facts, brain teasers and word problems to be completed each day.


Experiments are a fun activity that gives tangible results. Picking up kits or stoping by YouTube university are great ways to find new activities for each week. Another way to Explore science is by simply getting outdoors. Scavenger hunts, animal/bug watching, mom documentation, etc are great studies that will benefit them going into Fall as these are frequent topics for lesson plans.


Coming up with activities can seem like an extra unwanted task and deter you from staying on track with Summer goals. If you are the most creative, THAT IS OK! You can find great workbooks at:

  • Costco

  • Amazon

  • School Box

  • Dollar (and .25) Tree (ha, ha!)

Awesome crafts at for projects:

  • Joann's

  • Michael's

  • Target

  • Home Depot (ask, they have packs put together)

Bonus: Your greatest resource for reading during the Summer is the library; especially with chapter books!

Utilize these tips for a successful Summer and beyond. We will discuss meal planning for the Summer in a later blog! Until next time!


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