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Immune Boost!

Keeping your immune system strong is so vital during this season. One slip up and boom, you're out for the count. Over the holidays, I did so much outside of my regular patterns and literally ran myself ragged; weakening my immune system. This resulted in Covid being able to hop on for a party. A compromised immune system is usually the culprit for your body being more susceptible to illness. If we stay ready, we don't have to get ready, right?! My best advice comes in 3 parts:


Beyond eating a balanced diet, it is a great idea to up your supplements game. Vitamin D, C, Elderberry and zinc are all amazing for assistance with fortifying the immune system. Creating a daily regimen of taking your vitamins as a whole keeps your immune system from taking a steep decline, in my opinion. Further, create a lifestyle of limiting sugar. Your diet might be deficient of some nutrients but foods these days have no shortage of immune system hackers. Sugar breaks down your immune system rapidly, so learning to reduce it as a lifestyle choice helps your body maintain momentum in fighting the good fight. You cannot outwork a bad diet.


So.... you got carried away, weren't being kind to your body and now you're sick.*insert sad face* It's now time to go to war. The biggest aid is SLEEP. I cannot stress enough how important sleep is in healing and recovery. Pick up your supplement regimen and stay hydrated. Water with lemon and even a little pedialite will help stabilize your hydration levels. When you're bouncing from chills to fevers, this is vital. If you're not trying to go to the upper room anytime soon please remember this, lol. Foods additives that always help me: Tumeric, ginger, garlic and fresh herbs. It's also helpful to increase you protein while fighting your way back.

Not a doctors order but something that I feel helps me: after a few days of hunkering down, get some fresh air. Take a walk, sit outside and breath deep. Something about it gives my system a boost. It's as if my body is like "Code 4, she's exiting, everyone stay alert" and it seems to fight harder to avoid what it's been experiencing. Very Osmosis Jones, ha, ha!!



SAY NO. Let me say it again...JUST SAY NO. Your body gives you indicators when you're pushing it. Often, we don't listen to those indicators. You cannot afford to do that in this season. You'll be out of here faster than a toddler snatches your snack.

Choosing to avoid your immune system being compromised is your first line of defense. It's the one thing we all can put great effort into. When you feel exhausted or exerted, retreat and recoup. If you don't feel strong, stay at home (if you are able).

I hope this encourages you to be good to your body! I am not a healthcare professional. You should always seek advice from a healthcare professional because I want no parts of liability, lol. Happy Thursday, family!


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