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Getting to the bottom: Advocating for Results!

Your health affects the overall outcome of your daily living. Healthcare cost for those is the Unites States are at an all-time high and probably won't get less expensive anytime soon. With that being said, visiting a healthcare professional must yield results that address your concerns. So many are misdiagnosed without proper investigation and I know all to well how frustrating this can be. Being pregnant, I have less and less patience when it comes to getting problems addressed; whether they are for myself or family. I have recently experienced a lack of care as well as willingness to get in depth to find the issues. This is probably one of my pet peeves when it comes to dealing with those you are paying for help.

Let me just say, I am the types that goes to the doctor with info, stats, records of symptoms/duration and possibilities of what the ailment could possibly be. I play no games, ha, ha! If I go to the doctor, it's always after I have assessed the situation and decided that a second look or prescription may be necessary. I'm not a healthcare professional (although I was an endodontic assistant in a previous life) and don't pretend to do their job but I do go above and beyond to do more than my part to aid in proper diagnosis and treatment. Who wants to go to the doctor several times with no results???!

Even if that's not your ministry (team extra, lol), it's always a great idea to NOT visit the doctor empty-handed. Just last week, my son was diagnosed as having acid reflux that caused abdomen pain and an irritated throat; which was incorrect. I studied his symptoms, logged every time he complained of pain, amount of mucus and visible changes in his mouth. I took pics and the whole nine. Armed with information, I stopped by the pediatrician for the SECOND time within two weeks to discuss his symptoms and request testing for strep. I was constantly told it was not strep and the office kept trying to say testing was not needed. The first visit I was told he was lactose intolerant, second visit was acid reflux. Nothing pointed to either diagnosis in my mind. I refused to leave without testing on the second visit and testing came back within 5 minutes negative for strep. I urged the lab to keep the culture overnight to monitor it. They kept it vs. throwing it away and the next morning I received a phone call saying my son DID have strep!!!!!!! The test was positive. He suffered for two weeks and came in contact with other's children (sorry guys) due to improperly being diagnosed. Every body and reaction to illness is as different as the individual. The desire to further investigate vs. a write off would have yielded aide a lot sooner. Yes, it was only strep but this treatment can be given when situations are much worse.

Being firm and adamant about getting results is always going to be to your benefit. Never be afraid to ask questions and gather information additionally using your instinct. No one is going to care more about your body than you and you have the right to keep going until you see improvement. Don't be afraid to go back to the drawing board. If you aren't receiving proper treatment and concern, look into a new provider. Yes, it's a daunting task. For me, this means I have to change a whole roster of doctors and while I'm not looking forward to it, it must be done.

Be an advocate for your health and EVERYTHING that concerns you and your loved ones. Getting to the bottom keeps you all on top!

Note: I am not a healthcare professional. These are solely my opinions and are not a substitute for proper care from a healthcare professional. Always consult your physician.


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