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Extra step of love!

We all want to be seen, heard and valued for all the wonderful attributes we are. When you've been in a relationship longer than a can of vegetable's expiration, it's easy to forget "the little things" or loose sight of putting forth effort to make your love smile. Commitment, regardless of the time, is a lot easier when you are constantly reminded, through deposits in the "love bank", just how worthy your love is of that 100% effort. I know what you're thinking, "well, what about me?!"... Truth is, if your partner is putting in the work just as you are and values the relationship, they too will be going out of their way to show love. When these types of actions have been dormant for a while, it often does take one person to get the ball rolling. Once it's moving, love is flourishing. I don't know about you, but competing in fantastic ways of showing love is the only competition I want to be in with #bae . At that point we BOTH win!

Quick Note

Dashboards, handbags, bathroom mirrors, wallets and desks are awesome places to leave a little note. It doesn't have to be a sonnet and simple is best. The key is having previous thought. This nice gesture, whether on post it or mini card can be something you both look forward to. I'm often dropping notes in lunch boxes and even for the kids, it makes a huge impact when they find a little note from me. If you're not quick on your feet, pre-write notes of all you desire to say and give them over time. You'll be winning for sure!

Emails and Phone Calls

While you probably text all day, hearing ones voice of being of "official business" (email) makes it a great way to show some extra love. Phone calls show you've dedicated time to speak with your love and hear how they're doing. It can be a much needed reprieve from a hectic day. Emails can be great surprises that are needed on some of the most challenging days. When your box is full of business, business and more business, it's nice to see a pleasant message that doesn't include a to-do list by 2pm. Mention anticipation to see them, what you love most or even thankfulness for their contributions in this thing called life. Random professions have lasting impacts.

Find a Solution

Paying attention to your mate and challenging yourself to find a solution to a previously mentioned need can give you big points. It shows that you are paying attention, you care and shows a sense of togetherness. Something as simple as getting a new bowl that the dog can't tip over as easily to avoid constant clean-up (which may make your partner super frustrated) can land you a smile. While it may not be a big deal to you, we all have to realize that we are all very different; even if you have become one. It's not always meant for you to understand but you can always lend a hand. Remember that.

Impromptu Dates

If you have kids, chances are that simple alone time is not a factor with the pint-sized people. They will think of every question under the Sun and then begin on theories regarding the Moon, ha, ha!! I have found, when we get busy (Get your mind out of the gutter... You're clearly my people, lol.) they give us space. Choosing to take a walk, cleaning the kitchen for the evening or reading over fascinating finds together are intimate while appearing "booked and busy" to the kids. Having a house shut down time early enough for you all to be able to spend 30 minutes together make a huge difference also. Watch a show cuddled up, slow dance in the family room or start a book together. If you're kid free or past the age of elementary, go for dessert immediately following dinner! These ideas take little effort but make a big impact within your relationship.

Try an extra step of love today and see where it leads you!


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