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Summer Lovin': Date Night

The seasons may change but the courting of your mate shouldn't ever stop. Warm weather, good food and outdoor ambience make Summer a great time to try out new date ideas. You have to keep the adventure going to stay on the ride, right?! Try new experiences this Summer to make date night one for the books!

What you do together today creates lasting memories tomorrow. Keeping your partner in mind when planning dates ensures you've chosen festivities that your partner may be willing to try. For the:

The Adventurer
  • skydiving ( If you're too afraid to go the distance, places like IFLY provide the experience in a controlled environment.)

  • scavenger hunts

  • hiking

The Artist
  • spoken word

  • painting classes

  • “museum after dark” events

The Logic
  • escape rooms

  • mystery dinners

  • trivia game night (many restaurants do this!)

The Hopeless Romantic
  • dinner cruise

  • picnic under the stars

  • vineyard tours

The Life of the Party
  • dance party or classes

  • live jazz or music festivals

  • karaoke

The Fitness Fanatic
  • rock climbing

  • canoeing

  • themed runs

The Homebody
  • hire a chef

  • secluded getaway or treehouse

  • game night

Be sure to plan ahead and research (or even visit) the venue prior to in order to create beautiful/thoughtful personal touches. Be sure to check out the "It takes two and the crew" tab to check out more date night ideas and events happening soon if you reside in Atlanta! Happy dating!


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