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It Takes Two + The Crew

 Us 2... 

Fall Focus: Fighting Fair

Sometimes it's hard to remember you're on the same team in heated moments.

Remembering this fact can help you fight towards change instead of creating permanent nicks in your foundation. 

What has helped me tremendously? These keys:

Listen to understand NOT to respond.

Strive not to mentally exit stage left.


challenge both you sand your partner to be solution oriented in every difficult exchange.

Don't leave anything of concern on the table. 

Stay on topic

Seek professional help for both maintenance and support

Progress checkins regarding issues

Helpful ways to strengthen your union
6 ways to spark change
White Rocks


Don't wait, Deliberate! Healing properly is time sensitive.

White Flowers


Forgiveness (NOT tolerance) is a powerful tool in repairing bumps and utilizing situations to propel you forward.

Open Window


Be willing to accept evolution. We aren't meant to remain the same and progressive growth is often helpful for you both.

White Furnitures


The third view can often help you see each other's view!

Growing Plant


The ability to provide space for growth is a strength; not a weakness.

Notepad on Desk


Make conscious effort to review missteps and correct them in a timely manner.


Map It Out

Put a plan in place with trackable results.

Fishing Gear


Find something new for the both of you!

Picnic Basket


Although it should never stop, its often first to go when life gets hectic.

Countryside Road


New adventures spark teamwork, bonding and fresh perspective.

White Building


Get away from the everyday. Make alone time a priority.

We Do


Finding couples with similar goals for their marriage will always encourage positive behaviors.

Red Grape Vines

Perfect Fall Outdoor date: Vineyards

Vineyards are a great date idea for beautifully crisp Fall days. There are so many throughout Georgia and most offer:

  • Full tasting experience including food

  • guided tours

  • live music

  • beautiful photo ops

  • breathtaking views

  • multiple wine selections and education

Impress your love and add a vineyard visit on your date list! Want to try more than one in a day? Set up a tour for a jam-packed, fun experience! I call it wine hopping, lol!

Glass of Red Wine

 The Crew... 

Pumpkin Harvest

Atlanta And Surrounding: Pumpkin Patches!

Buford Corn Maze

Sleepy Hollow Farms

Cagles Farm

Berry Patch Farms

Pettit Creek Farms

Pumpkin Patches are an amazing place to have fun as a family and create beautiful photos! There are often hay rides, cider and food sales, as well as games for the whole family.

Fall Essentials
Back to School Objects

Success in chunks!

I have found setting short term progress goals in line with school break is amazing beneficial!

Reminding the kids of an upcoming ready while counting down have changed their outlook on the school year.

Scissor and Sellotape

I start with the prompt: " You only have to give 100% until ___ and it works like magic! They give it their best and then some. Striving to get to the ultimate finish line (end of school year) can see like a never-ending story but "pushing until the next break" feels attainable. Try this hack and watch them work!

Baking Ingredients

 Family Fun themes  sure to please! 

I love it here...

  • Pajama and Pancake breakfasts

  • Festive Fridays

  • Movie nights with themed tables

  • Cook off and creative challenges

  • Pumpkin decorating and baking

  • Pajama Jams (dance parties)

  • Goal and vision boards

  • Game night complete with prizes!