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It Takes Two + The Crew

Top 4 Baby Must Haves: Daily Use MVP's!

Newborn Salve

It's Like the Franks Red Hot commercial for me... I use this stuff on everything, ha, ha! 6 ingredients and a bazillion uses has made this a staple in our daily regime. Dry skin, drool barrier and even diaper rash are no match for this tiny miracle product. I'm on my third jar and each one has been as good as the last! 

Kimono Gowns

I used Kimono gowns for each of my children. They were and still are heavenly! Easy diaper changes are a great bonus. Them not having the footies, enables them to last for several months as baby grows while still being long enough to provide coverage!

Nail Drill Set

This has been such a life saver. #GabbyMack refuses to sit still long enough to get her nails clipped and this certainly takes away the worry of cutting too low. Just file and go!

Boon Silicone Feeder

This is new to me and I instantly fell in love! #GabbyMack is obsessed with this feeder. frozen fruit and veggies go in and provide a wonderful soothe as she mashes it along her gums. This feeder stands out from the rest, for me, due to the ease of cleaning. By far the best feeder I've seen yet!

Colorful Popsicles

Snack Basket Wins!

(Hi, I'm an awesome idea! Use me!)

This tip will save your food bill and reinstate your sanity while you're still trying to find answers to sentiments like "where do they put it?"

My family has definitely been on snack attach ( as my son would say). It's even further amazing that my kids adhere to the snack time and "brain breaks" given during digital learning more than any other procedure and process. Figures, right?! lol.

Putting out a snack basket daily/weekly helps in awesome ways:

  • reduces rummaging in the pantry/fridge

  • eliminates the guesswork 

  • creates a self-serve option to add productivity time to parents.

  • Reduces mindless snacking and allows you to properly plan out caloric intake and balance what's being eaten by looking at a wider scope.

Notebooks and Pens

Sunday Routines

I have found that getting prepared for the week as a family is a great way to get everything completed! It also creates order while keeping spaces tidy. On Sundays, we use the early part of the day to prepare clothes, meal plans, brief the family on important dates/meetings and create a customized system for the week if it's unusually hectic. The kids also get to see firsthand how I use the processes that I strive daily to implement with them, you know, that "walk it how you talk it" type parenting... While every family is different, EVERY family benefits from having a system and rhythm. Find your key players to making you all's week a smooth transition and begin implementing ways to make it succesful today!

Bright Table

Your life can be as awesome as you desire! #SimplifyandOrganize to win at daily life!

It's OKAY to have structure. It's OKAY to plan. It's OKAY to stick to a regimen. 


when you are prepared, you can execute at your best and win to the fullest!

Back to School
School Supplies

Getting Started: Succesfully completing school work & assignments

Imagine my surprise when I realized that the main issue contributing to time management and success with independent work among the kids  was PROCESS. I'm willing to bet .25 that this is a key for your kids, too!

Creating a process that applies to ALL work and can assist them in completing the work successfully is a true golden ticket. Simple Questions like "Who's paper is it?" are a part of  foundational work and study habits. Get the checklist and regroup to win!

Halloween Macaroons

Skip the "Trick or Treat" and do something equally as neat!

Less germy alternatives to going door-to-door! (ha, ha!!)

  1. Movie Night- Choose a couple of your favorite thrillers to watch with your boos; complete with snacks and a candy raffle.

  2. Candy Hunt: Hit the lights and grab a flashlight! Create a "candy find" throughout your home.. 

  3. Camping: Backyard or living room can both be turned into an exciting experience for the minis! Grab sleeping bags, s'mores, books and flannel pajamas for a night of family fun!

Halloween Pumpkins
Cute Notebooks


Being appreciative and having a heart full of gratitude shouldn't just be brought on by the holidays. We all have so much to be thankful for. While we all know this, it's easy to forget or take those things for granted in the hustle and bustle of life. There are amazing ways to keep this at the forefront:


Write down at least one thing you are grateful for daily in a gratitude journal.


Sit and discuss as a family things your are fortunate to have and are so appreciative for (even one another). Hearing what everyone is thankful for challenges you to be all the more aware and know where importance lies from each other's perspective.


Be aide to someone in need. Serving at a food kitchen, spending time at a group home as a family or even adopting a family for dinner are great ways to give love and thanks!

Romantic Breakfast

Intentional Love

Intentional love begins with loving your partner how THEY feel love. One of the first ways to do so is to identify their love language. 

Once you've got an understanding of their love language, it's your job to ensure you are using this as a guideline for all your intentional efforts.

In my book, intentional is targeted effort towards a goal. A working and thriving love is the goal for all marriages and relationship leading to marriage. It isn't always going to be easy, but intentionality puts it out there that you are aggressively seeking growth of your relationship and the elevation of the love within.

about us

We are Germans. We are Chocolate. Married 15 years. 3 kids. He's from Tennessee. I'm from Texas. We reside in Atlanta. Our love has had many chapters. Through love, effort and consistent work, our love story is still being written.

Before the Shopping...

Before the holidays get started this year, decide that you want to win at gift giving. Planning is key in getting your love what they desire! My husband used to get so mad when I didn't beam with joy when he would get me gifts. Like most people (unfortunately), he was shopping cliche' vs. "HIS bae"! All it takes is effort, attention to detail and willingness to create a gift-giving season they'll never forget! P.S. this is no longer a problem...won't he do it! ha, ha!!

Christmas Presents

Budget Convos

Speak with your partner about holiday budgets and "intent of spend".

Christmas Presents

Wishlists & links

Stop being extra and just ask! Save the creativity for the packaging, ha, ha! Ask your partner  to create wishlist, send link and share photos of all they want "Santa Baby to give them.

Christmas Presents

Meaningful Things

Note dates, life moments and people that are important to your love. Create gifts centered around those instances.

FALLing for you Dates!


Beautiful Fall leaves, cool weather and casual apparel make this and lowkey date sure to create the best memories and pictures with breathtaking views!


Fall is when many galleries unveil new exhibits! Get closer and cultured simultaneously!


Visit a pumpkin patch and take a ride through picturesque settings while sipping!  Not a barn kind of person? Trade the patch for a winery!

Hey! You like me as much as I like you?!... I knew it! 

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