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It Takes Two + The Crew

Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Shut it down!

A fresh start to each day starts the night before...

At the German residence, I like to call it a community clean. This is a nightly task where we all pitch in to tidy up (and shut down) the kitchen and common areas before headed to bedrooms. It's great because it aids in common areas staying clean and renewed ahead of a new day of use. It also cuts down cleaning time. On average, it takes about 30-45 minutes to clean and shut down common areas. Lighten the load and start utilizing this directly after dinner! 

Kitchen Interior
3 Reasons the cabins are perfect for your next family getaway: 
  1. ​Uninterrupted Quality Time
  2. Explore nature and take in picturesque views
  3. Many offer resort accommodations that include common areas, activities and modern trails for amazing hikes!
Not to mention all the beautiful captures that will last forever!​
Topview of Folded Scarves

This is my house goal of 2021!

Decluttering and creating order are two of the most freeing goals you can accomplish in your space! Get started in 5 steps:

1. Sort through and discard unneeded papers.

2. Throw away broken items (enough of saying you'll get around to fixing it. Just let it go!

3.Create a list of items that need an organization aid and note what you currently have.

White Chair and Bookshelf

4.Give away clothing you haven't worn in more than a year.

5. List important items in each room and make a plan to rehome what doesn't need to be on display but is a keeper.

Starting with these allows you to get rid of the clutter so you can see and think clearly on storage and organization solutions for remaining item. The more specific you get, the more likely it will stay tidy!

Getting Organized

Give them flowers while they're here...

Often times, we allow the hustle and bustle to consume our daily thoughts and activities. As mundane as this may become, we should never become complacent with showing those we love how much they actually mean. Letting your spouse know how much they matter and showing them how special they are beyond holidays may be the push they need to feel like they can continue. We pay attention to all the details when we are dating but quickly recategorize our mates once we've been in the relationship for a while. Let's go harder with showing our mates what they mean and reaffirm to reignite the burn!


Routine to Reality

...because spontaneity sounds good but is not always poppin' in the hood!

This is one of the biggest struggles in our house. We are incredibly busy and no time seems to ever just present itself like the "right time". We have a nosy preteen, a newly needy middle and an infant that's not planning to loosen the reigns any time soon. While my husband always wants it to be spontaneous, he also fusses about frequency. Through experience, I have realized you can't have both 365. I am realistic and deem it necessary to plan. Guess what? Alexas for the win!! Sometimes its best to plan until you reach a new level of flexibility. You can Make intimacy a priority and schedule it until you're out of the woods. If you leave it to chance, those chances could become slim to none. What starts as routine becomes reality and increases in importance. I 

3 Fun Atlanta Dates with Outdoor Ambience

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Daily Admission.

Explore beautiful landscapes all cuddled up! 

Chateau Elan

Stay the day or pack a bag to continue to play. This winery offers tours, fine dining and relaxing spas!

Roof at Ponce City Market

Daily Admission.

This year, they are also offering beautiful igloos complete with entertainment. If you been storing away coins since quarantine, this might be a worthy splurge to go all out for your love!

Boxing Gloves

Fighting Fair

Petty can feel rewarding but productive progress is where it's at!

Sometimes, arguments can become so frustrating that you resort to being childish or hitting below the belt. The goal is to always aim for the Michelle Obama "Go High" but getting your point across becomes the focal point when you're seeing red; which can initiate the gloves coming off. Arguments and "heated discussions" WILL happen and how we go about them can be strengthening IF you:

Address the issue and not everything under the moon that you've been building up.

Remember that you are on the same team!

Listen to understand not to respond

Acknowledge and stress value in your partner's feelings.

Keep communicating until you get to the solutions phase of the conversation!

Self Care Holidays

Get cute as a family! Deep condition and groom collectively!

Quality time Schedules

Be purposeful in time spent with each family member.

Family Meetings

Once a month is stellar!

"Community Clean"

Clean and shut down common areas nightly together.

Chore Charts

Create a chore list and designate to set everyone up for success.

Week Prep!

Prepare attire. schedules and meals!

Top ways to #SimplifyandOrganize as a family!


Designated Area

Ensure materials and work stays in specific areas to reduce loss and keep readily available. Give everyone their own space to work!


Meal Plans/ Snack Schedules

Print out lunch schedules and create a meal plan for the week. Haing a snack basket with pre-planned snacks is also a winner. Kids can grab and go!


Daily Recap

Discuss what was covered in class. Inquire on struggles and triumps. Make notes of challenging lessons and reach ut to teachers to receive additional practice or points to elp your child be successful.


Minimize Distraction

It's easy to get distracted or wander away from learning when devices and toys are readily av available. Be sure to limit or put away all distractions that don't enhance learning. For us, we have a no gadet policy during the week, unless school related.

Stay on Task!

BLACK HISTORY is so vital to progression. In  fragile times, the black community continues to suffer injustices with little consequence. 

Consistency and unity is vital in forward movement.

Protest Signs

Strive to learn, support, give and love each other. Educate your children on those who have stood for equality  and others that continue to drive change.

-A. Guru

Easter Cupcakes

Easter Fun for Everyone!

The holidays may have changed but celebration doesn't have to end!

Small gatherings are intimate and can be more fun! Some fun festivities to enjoy are:


Dessert Making

Cookie Decorating

Capsule Creations

The togetherness matters more than ever. Create memories that will last and bonds that grow stronger. Start creating your traditions today!

Easter Cupcakes

Hey! You like me as much as I like you?!... I knew it! 

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