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It Takes Two + The Crew

 Us 2... 

Easter Cupcakes

Easter Fun for Everyone!

The holidays may have changed but celebration doesn't have to end!

Small gatherings are intimate and can be more fun! Some fun festivities to enjoy are:


Dessert Making

Cookie Decorating

Capsule Creations

The togetherness matters more than ever. Create memories that will last and bonds that grow stronger. Start creating your traditions today!

Easter Cupcakes

Give them flowers while they're here...

Often times, we allow the hustle and bustle to consume our daily thoughts and activities. As mundane as this may become, we should never become complacent with showing those we love how much they actually mean. Letting your spouse know how much they matter and showing them how special they are beyond holidays may be the push they need to feel like they can continue. We pay attention to all the details when we are dating but quickly recategorize our mates once we've been in the relationship for a while. Let's go harder with showing our mates what they mean and reaffirm to reignite the burn!

New Flowers

"Spring has me sprung" fun date ideas!

Support System Reboot

So many daily norms get chalked up to everyday life. We go with the flow and get into a pattern that often overlooks. One of the best seeds you can sow into your partner is supporting their development; whether in career or interests. there may not be common ground in these areas, calling for intentional effort.


How do we do this?

Monthly Check-ins

Ask the questions that matter most.

"Are you overwhelmed? How do you feel about the workload? Are you feeling positive about initiatives you're heading up?" and anything else that may be important after observing them. Often times, simply being asked lightens the load!

Organized Desk

Offer help (or a cup of coffee : )

Find ways to help! Ask to organize (if that's your strong suit), listen to overview of a meeting, assist in setting u reminders and prioritizing tasks.

5 minute vents

Just LISTEN! The amount of time is actually up to you and when you schedule this! Being a listening ear in frustrations as well as triumphs gives a sense of comfort and security. 

Celebrate Wins!

Add sugar on top of celebrating great happenings!

Silver Earrings

Listening Ears

They aren't just for children. Honestly, I find that we need to use them more!

Are you listening to your mate? Are you forever on D' Fence (defense but characterized by a conscious deciding whether or not you will listen (based off trigger words) and ready to attack if its not in favor of your side of the yard.) i.e On the fence! 

his ear.jpg

How you show up for your mate matters! How you listen determines whether you will be able to support them, successfully get through a tough situation between the two of you, or even if it begins to become a foundational issue. 

Choose to LISTEN! You all are on the same team and should be unified. If you can't hear one another, get assistant to help you navigate out of the bad habit with the proper tools!

 The Crew... 

School Supplies

Summer Break is near!

before school's out, get all they're talking about!

The kids don't want to hear it BUT Summer is for retention! It can be hard to navigate without a blueprint and knowing where to start can help you successfully get to the finish line; fueled and ready for the next school year!

  • Make copies and take notes of work they're currently working on as this will be the first nine weeks of the upcoming school year.

  • Purchase next year workbooks to work through during the Summer.

  • Set up Library cards for Summer use. Often times, your local library will be linked to the school system. This will allow your child to receive credit for reading over the break! Reading thirty minutes a day can exponentially increase your child's comprehension and literacy in other subjects!


Arts & Crafts

 Parks and Rec! 

The best place to start the fun!

Don't sleep on your city/county parks and recreation division! It is THE BEST place to find camps, activities and rent buildings for special events at fair cost.

Where to look?

1) GO to your city/county's website

2) Drop down in your "residents" tab and scroll to parks and recreation.

That's it. That's all! You an usually find contact info for further assistance, should you need it.

Bonus: You don't have to stay in your neighborhood for the fun. Look into other areas to find programs for you and the family! All counties offer activities for all. You simply pay a small increase for not being a resident of that particular city. 

Indoor Climbing Wall

Save on play 60 days away!!!!!

Now is the time to book that amazing "Pre- Back to School" trip. Booking sixty days in advance saves big bucks for most (if not all) destinations. Start planning and book now for July!

Outdoor All-in-One!

Enjoying your outdoor space is where it's at! Peaceful evenings and fun-filled sunny days are created by functionality! Size doesn't matter but what's available does! Some basics to make your space more inviting:


Whether chairs or sofas, seating is a must!

Activity bins

These are great for families with kids of all ages! Chalks bubbles games, etc will all keep everyone wanting to stay and play.

Comfort zones

This is huge! Comfort is a determining factor in length of stay. Fans and shades are a great investment.

Garden Furnitures
Children's Storybooks

Nutured learning...

Encouraging the new developments you notice with your little can be exciting!

Its the simple things that actually matter most. Continue helping your young learner thrive by:

Reading at least once a day!

Giving them new items to learn about new textures.

Spilling Green Slime

Alllowing them to feed themselves (no matter how messy it gets)

Learning sign language together!

Introduce colors, letters and numbers!

Hey! You like me as much as I like you?!... I knew it! 

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