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It Takes Two + The Crew

 Us 2... 

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Discussing where you are individually and collectively is the first step in establishing a vision for you relationship and getting back on track.

The top of the year is a great time to discuss a financial plan, budget allocation, future vacations, aspirations for the relationship and areas of improvement.

Work Desk

Select a date, bring your concerns/insight and have a formal meeting! 

This is a simple way to have organized communication with your partner.  

We like to decide on a specific areas we will focus on heavily as the year progresses. Ours this year is DISCIPLINE.

Having goals and a vision to work towards is an amazing collective effort that'll set you up to win!

Winter Dates Perfect for your Mate!


3 ways to help the process: Work Stress

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Dark Green Paper Structures



Dark Green Paper Structures




Our words have so much power in the lives of our mates. We each have the ability to invigorate or deflate their efforts, ideas and progression. 

How we word things is so vital in the continual effort towards growth. Even when a situation feels bleak, choose to speak life and words to encourage vs. diminish. It can make all the difference in the outcome.

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Get creative with times, location and activities. Even if its a standing lunch date, making each other a priority will always deposit into the love bank!

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Heavy care into tasks for your partner always yield huge points. Attention to the details shows just how much you care.

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It's not always the easiest but it will forever be necessary in a thriving relationship! Communicate at all costs!

Consistency should be exercised in...

 The Crew... 

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I love you because you are ______.

There are so many beautiful ways we describe our kiddos. Funny thing, in fast paced life, them hearing these wonderful words may become less and less. February is the time I reignite my intentional expressions of love and lay it on supa dupa thick!

Post messages on their doors or write small love notes. Your words will fill their hearts and remind them just how special they are.

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Back to School Objects

Success in chunks!

I have found setting short term progress goals in line with school breaks is amazingly beneficial!

Reminding the kids of an upcoming break while counting down has changed their outlook on the school year.

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I start with the prompt: " You only have to give 100% until (insert a date) and it works like magic! They give it their best and then some. Striving to get to the ultimate finish line (end of school year) can seem like a never-ending story but "pushing until the next break" feels strongly attainable. Try this hack and watch them work!

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Collective effort: Getting Active

Learn to work together!

WE have made goals to support our kids' athletic goals as well as become more active as a family. I plan to:

  1. Prioritze actvity and make it a part of many days during the week.

  2. Take simple small steps such as walking together after dinner.

  3. Choosing movement themed family dates!

I've learned that small changes yield consistent results and remove the "chore" vibe. Take one step and before you know it, everyone will be happy to leap!

Gym Equipments

Standardized Test Prep

Get Ready for success!

  • Get a good night's rest

  • Utilize test prep sites

  • Create a menu for more extensive breakfasts

  • Extend at-home free time 15-30 minutes!

  • Celebrate completion of the week with a simple prize!


Prep for the week ahead by:

  • creating lunch menu if your a sack packers

  • select and prepare clothing for the entire week

  • reorganize backpack and pencil case

  • replenish needed supplies

Ahead of the Game Every Week!

Festive Fridays

...ARE BACK!!!!

Festive Fridays are our time to do the most as a family. There is a theme and usually a coordinating meal that we share ELECTRONIC FREE. It a great time to reconnect and simply have fun while letting everyone bring their creative best. 

Creating holidays unique to your family will create memories that will last forever. You're really celebrating the beauty of being together! Start incorporating Festive Fridays or other consistent family fun days and watch the love flourish!

Ice Cream with Candy