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It Takes Two + The Crew

Kids and Family
Summer is here! Aye! 3 Ways to Keep Mini Brains Sharp!


Reading 30 minutes daily can improve comprehension, elevate vocabulary and heighten the imagination! Go a step further and record your child's reading to improve fluency!


Math facts is where it's at! School children of all ages can benefit from this! Print off worksheets to be completed daily. Add extra challenge by timing the activity!


Complete a weekly experiment or hands-on activity! This sharpens critical thinking and creativity while improving accuracy in motor skills. It's also a great way to cultivate new interests!


Look Forward to every single day!

Celebrating Daily Life!


"Movie", "movement", "mystery"


Athletic Shoes

"Wellness", "Humpday hike", "waffle", "wiggle"


House Painting Tools

"in bloom",  "on the green", "scavenger adventures"


Nail Supplies

"Self-Care","Soak in the Sun", Sit n' Sip", "Science"

Saturday & Sunday

Nachos with Chili

"taco & Tostada", "Take-Out", "talent"

Tuesday & Thursday

Girl on Train

"Festive",  "friendship", "fried", "Field trip","Foodie"


Camping Site
Virtual Summer Camp

Although outside is slowly but surely opening back up, many of Summer's adventures for children are CANCELLED. The good news is, there are alternatives being provided. All isn't lost but creativity need apply! While you're planning activities, check out these amazing virtual Summer camps that are complete with fieldtrips, hands-on fun and learning!








There are also many virtual field trips being offered for the family to places like: San Diego Zoo, Mars, The Great Wall of China and over 30 more! I'll be posting a few a week. Check them out!




Experts have so much to say on this topic and while some techniques do work, I'm still #teamnosleep at night (Send help!) One of the best resources I found was the 5 S's by Dr. Harvey Karp. He's also the genius that invented the SNOO, (a pimped out bassinet thought t handle the heavy lifting). 


Many of these things we all do in random order. For me, understanding the why to the madness helped me come to grips with what I can't avoid: Sleepless nights.



Did you know that circadian rhythm controls your baby's wake time? For us, I realized our precious baby is operating on a split sleep routine. This meant sleep training was a must to get bac on track. I began logging naps and night time sleep to create a schedule. Newborns thru 3 months need about 17 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. Once I understood the why, it was easier to find the fix. I started being conscious of time allotted for day sleep and began keeping it dark for night time feedings while limiting engagement to encourage going back to sleep during bedtime hours. This has worked wonders! Check the blog for more details on how I accomplished this.

Cleaning Materials

Life Skills 101

Extra Time at home is a wonderful opportunity to sharpen and expand the kids' domestic capabilities. Teaching life skills early will set them up for success for years to come. Tasks to focus on are: 

Baking Ingredients

Proper home sanitizing techniques

Kitchen cleaning basics

Cooking fundamentals

Folding/organization of textiles and clothing

"Effective Placement"

Outdoor Tidying


I will touch on these topics individually on the blog! Be sure you're subscribed to be able to receive alerts for new posts!

Adulting A-Z

Social Distancing: At Home

Because you WILL get tired of their antics, ha, ha!!

I LOVE my husband like a fat kid loves cake and I enjoy the time we spend together. Being in quarantine has forced not only us but everyone else to spend every waking moment together... while we all have good intention, we all need a moment away to regroup and preserve. Creating personal space for small durations of time and creating "only YOU, not the boo" moments help maintain balance of your emotions and reduce opportunities for unnecessary arguments or attitudes because you create a cycle of refresh. Do yourselves a favor and take designated moments apart. Communication in this is key. Talk to your partner and create these times together prior to implementing. You will be happy you told #bae to give you 6 feet! Your relationship will thank you! 



BOTH of you putting forth effort to understand and articulate feelings, emotions, issues triumphs and progress while operatign under the idea that you all are on the same team. A successful team requires all players to put for 100% effort. Communication is key. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION is VITAL


Date night means a lot to the health of your relationship. It's a chance to reconnect and build. Date night is more about effort than location. While we are all limiting the frequency of certain places and activities, it doesn't have to dappen the mood for quality time.

Gourmet Dish
  • Walks that include scavenger hunts

  • Movie night paired with making snack together

  • Lingerie catwalk (meow!!!)

  • Indoor picnic with board games

  • Cuddled Up Reads

  • "Pick a topic" discussions and dessert 

  • Speed Dating (scheduled short moments of one on one time)

Depositing into the "Love Bank"

"To-do's" that let your love know you're listening...
Love Coupons
  • Complete tasks mentioned in passing.

  • Create unique ways to express your love such as creating a "week of love letters"


    Carve out impromptu time to reconnect at instead of taking that next meeting. 

Love Vouchers
  • Take on a daily responsibility or two of your partners'.

  • Shut the house down early for alone time.

  • Join in on their interests.



Remember, thoughtfulness always wins!




Hey! You like me as much as I like you?!... I knew it! 

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