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Family Centered

Make potty training on the go a snap!

Keep a schedule

Put all efforts into keeping the same potty schedule until your toddler is consistent when telling you they have to go.


Bring a Portable seat & Cover

Packing a seat will ensure your little one has comfort on any base while still having a level of independence.

Spiral Stairs

Use consistent process

Perform all the same steps you do at home; bringing familiarity to a strange place.

Painting Easels

Fall Fun

One Place. Fantastic Options

Did you know most counties (and cities) in states across the U.S publish a seasonal playbook? A playbook is a full comprehensive listing of all activities, vocational opportunities and camps for the whole family. So many programs exist to encourage hobbies, wellness and learning new skills. If you're searching, chances are, there's a program for it. The biggest benefit? Costs are less that half of what they would be from most businesses. Do more and check out your counties website today! Bonus: You can take classes in other counties outside of your residence for a small, additional fee.

Archery Targets

No door-to-door but fun still in-store!

  • Movie Night

  • Indoor/Outdoor Camping

  • Festive treat making

  • Fall festivals

Heading out? Trick or Treating Rules to remember:
  • Travel in groups

  • Visit well-lit neighborhoods

  • Set a curfew

  • Check all the sugary loot!

Pumpkins and Candles



This time of year is always a great reminder of what matters most and an opportunity to reflect on blessing (and positive constants) in your life. A great way to keep the family an attitude of gratitude is to have each member share or write down something they are grateful for each day. This builds awareness and conditions everyone's mind to maintain a perspective of what is vs. what isn't.


Helping Hands

Now is the perfect time to spend quality moments in the kitchen; teaching, learning and laughing! Take the time to enlist 


the help of a sous chef or sprinkle fairy to complete meals. This builds confidence in food preparation and encourages exploration of new tastes!

Fall Dates: Perfect for Couples, Families & Friends!




Set a budget


Plan shopping days


Make a list of all needs associated with travel, parties and events!

It's sniffle season!

Get ahead and stay ahead!

Rx on Deck!

Refill all prescriptions and request needed refills.

Regular Clean

Establish a frequent deep clean schedule for your home.

Symptoms Check

Identifying your symptoms can shorten in-office time.

Stock up

Load up on tissues, vitamins, disinfectants, etc!

Moist Air

Run and regularly clean humidifiers.

Powerful Apologies

Expressing where you've missed it to others is so vital for growth. You can't assume that the other person knows your heart and intentions simply because you consistently affirm your love. Apologies can signify willingness work and the desire to win TOGETHER.

Ice Blocks
Christmas Tree Ornaments


Bringing in the holiday season is more about the feel ing rather than just dumping funds. I have found keeping simple traditions is something the whole family enjoys and values most. Each year we:

  • Pick an ornament

  • Collectively bake a dessert

  • Watch a Christmas movie each weekend of December (themed, of course!)

Decorated Cookies
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