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Bum Tendencies

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Pajamas, bonnets and mismatch sweats... I am ashamed to say that I have been guilty of all of these travesties. Just a couple months back, I sported a gown in public that said “I woke up like this” when it should’ve never left the house! When did this happen? Where did it start?... However we got here, it's time to get it back together! for everyone's sake, ha, ha!!!

Three tips towards lookin' fly when you have to jet:

Get a clothing rack!

This has been amazing for everyone in the house and not just yours truly. Utilizing a clothing rack allows you to skillfully put together several ensembles beforehand to take the guesswork out the puzzle. Often times as a parent, getting caught off-guard or needing to do something in a hurry happens frequently. Keeping a "ready rack" is a great plan of attack in combatting bum tendencies, lol. Simply grab and go!

A matching set? Bet.

Twosies, jogger sets and Co-ord's are all great to simplify getting dressed. It can become taxing when you are trying comprise a winning fit... sets are like the semi-homemade winning recipe you always should have in your back pocket! So many retailers accommodate this styling choice. Take a moment to hunt for style you like and grab a couple colors!

Accessorize for the prize!

(Also, Clean out bad habits/upgrade what stays!) Hats and shades are two fool proof ways to master tangled tresses, make-up free days, the need for a haircut and tired eyes. Invest is nice fitting pieces that go with many pieces in your wardrobe to make them a default, should you need it. Lounging at home? upgrade your items (headwraps, robes, etc) just incase you're running out briefly among neighbors. Please let me be the only one who has waved at new neighbors with a shabby robe, ha, ha! (in my defense, it was all that was unpacked, ha, ha!!) Learn from Alexas's missteps, lol!

Family, let's get it together and keep it together!


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