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Too Busted to #Bussit

Challenge here, challenge there...challenge everywhere. I have been seeing so many challenges on social platforms that require one to be their sexier selves. One thing remains constant in every video: People's "norm" is BUSTED, ha, ha!!! I, too, can frequently be part of that club. Furthermore, we expect our partners to be supremely attracted to the wreck that is us (men, you're included. it's not only up to the ladies to bring the sexy. Conrary to popular belief, we are visual, too.). No one should be giving a better show to the world than we are in our own home. This is unacceptable, lol. Yes, I said it. Will I have busted days...yes. Will I strive to have more magically delicious days, YESSSS!!!!! This is a challenge we should all give a try! After all, when you look good, you feel good, right?! Or better put, if you put effort into your appearance, you feel more confident and vibrant!

Don't scrounge. Properly lounge!

I can't tell you how many piles I've grabbed a shirt from simply to be clothed, ha, ha. It was just convenient. I didn't care about matching, whether it was cute, etc, etc. yet still trying to figure out why sweatpants that give me a diaper booty were a mood killer before anything began, ha, ha!! Learn from my raggedyness (not a word), this is NOT ok. Where do you start with correct the wrong? At the trash can, lol.

It's easy to get into a rut when life happens fast. Sometimes the effort requires too much effort! Who can relate? Simplicity is a great place to start. Throw away everything torn, dingy, ill-fitting, etc. look for sets that provide comfort and can be put together with ease. Go a step further and get coordinated accessories that compliment your new pieces.

Busted hammocks are for deserted islands

I will say it again: Sexy is just not left up to the ladies. Everybody wants lingerie, heels and outfits that rev up the imagination. Sadly, it's usually geared towards women as if women are completely ok with underwear that resemble a busted hammock or shirts with sweat stains from the gym. None of this screams "good time", lol.

Ladies, let go of tattered and torn undergarments, please!! You'll feel so much better. Much younger, I used to have all matching sets. That was a simpler time. smh... Instead of stressing over it, I decided to do all black 98% of the time so that everything remains coordinated for the most part. You can always choose your everyday, stringy, cheeky etc. depending on your mood, but this way helped me to put away the unnecessary stress and enable me to feel more put together and confident with what was underneath.

"Quick-Ready" Routine

Five minute make up and morning fresh perk-ups all need apply on this one. My husband likes to have morning kisses (in my mind it's more like stinky-breath kisses, lol) and I'm not always about it. Judge me not, lol. Men (and women) doing the quick sprucing BEFORE going in for a wet one can make a big difference in how far it goes!

There should never be a public challenge racier than what exists in private. You should strive to kick #busted to the curb for good! Your daily outlook will thank you and chances are, bae will too! Catch you all next time. I’m going to go throw out my old toe socks from ‘99, lol. -xo


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