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Mind + Set

How you begin is how you END. What you say is what's in PLAY.

Our minds are the strongest instrument we can use in successfully managing each day. If we are intact, we can accomplish ALL things.


First 15

Choosing to get started 15-20 minutes earlier than the day's tasks begins can create success for the 24 hours following. Why? Because you've started the day with YOU in mind. I love to grab a silent coffee/tea, pray and reflect. meditate during this time. Establishing your mood certainly sets the tone!


CAN you, you CAN.

Life will definitely have you rotating these words, if you allow it... Truth is: YOU CAN

Your first step is always going to be the decision to go for it, second step is to make a list and create a plan, and the final act is execution. Look at your day in a fresh way.  View how I sort my day now!

Countryside Road


New Chapter: Alone...Lonely

When trading chaos for clarity, I have often found myself alone. Although alone is a state of being, it can feel lonely. Whether initiated or involuntary due to life events, retaining perspective on the "why" will always breathe full meaning into this transition. Often times, this isolations comes because you are set apart and/or choosing peace. The biggest learning curve is being ok with solitude. This is where you will often find growth, strength and greater understanding of your purpose. You will also break unhealthy cycles and forge new relationships with an even greater sense of self; which is a win for everyone around you. 


Solo Date

In the mix of life's hustle and bustle, it's so easy to default to meeting demands and we often forget to prioritize and nurture our interests. Taking the time to wine and dine your fine self is an amazing initiative for understanding your being and every stage and age. Living a little starts with enjoying you OWN company! Check out some solo dates here!

Clam and Wine
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