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Fall Fun: The Pumpkin Patch

I have been to my fair share of Fall activities and pumpkin patches. While they all have one thing in common, pumpkins, they are NOT created equal. This past weekend we visit Southern Belle Farms in McDonough, GA and it is now added to my list of "Best Pumpkin Patches in the A"!

There is free parking and entrance to the pumpkin patch and the farm's store (I'll get to this in a second) but you'll definitely want to pay the $17 (less during the week and price is for ages 3 and up) admission to enjoy all of the activities. And yes, emphasis on "ALL" the activities. There are over 40 activities on the farm and you can enjoy them all day long! Each activity is unlimited. Petting zoos, corn mazes, large slides, basketball, bubble farm, hayrides, you name it, it's there!

The fried pies and delicious, freshly made ice cream make the trip even sweeter! Among the eats mentioned, there's also kettle corn, bbq, hefty sandwiches, roasted corn and a host of food trucks (and Kona ice) should you want to try something a little different. The kids enjoyed trying new foods but felt comfort in brands like Kona ice that they are familiar with. Joshua had orange teeth to prove it, ugh, lol. Note to self: get in all the pics BEFORE the eats n’ treats.

I know what your wondering... Is it a great photo op?! Quick Answer: Absolutely!! They have about a dozen photo areas set up along with picturesque views all throughout the farm. These are in addition ( yes, in addition) to captures you may have while enjoying activities. Even further, all staff was helpful, pleasant and gracious. That alone is hard to find these days, right?!

I mentioned the store previously and my review on the store is that you should stay out of it, lol. My crew went bananas grabbing jellies, jams, fudge, butters, ciders and more. I was not happy upon leaving, ha, ha!! I am, however (now, as I sip on peach cider), glad they grabbed all they did because it is ALL super delicious! There's also a bakery and other freshly made candies!

I do hope to visit again in the Spring and take friends with us! It was a great time! If you stop by, Send me a pic! I‘d love to see you and your family!


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