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Fernbank Fun!

Recently, I wrote about the excitement at #Fernbank in Atlanta Parent Magazine. On top of the already amazing display, there are two amazing new exhibits to enjoy on your next visit! These new exhibits that are paired with the adventure of constant hands-on learning and fun are truly a can’t miss! There’s so much to do and see on your next visit to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History and these top 3 should be on your list:

1. Dave Robinson’s “Big Bugs” and Monster Fish

Hurry in to these all-new exhibits that are sure to expand your love for learning of the world around us!

“Big Bugs”

Experience bugs in a whole new way as they tower over you and your family. This outdoor installation is complete with some of the most unusual insects and spiders. This amazing art showcases incredible bugs and the part they play in nature. Located in Wildwoods, experience the food chain and reproduction in a new light while studying the ecosystem’s exterminators, pollinators and decomposers. This exhibit is made of recycled materials and are so incredible that you may decide to gather your materials to create your own mini bugs this Summer! On view April 27 – July 21, 2019

“Monster Fish”

This National Geographic jewel, highlighting amazing freshwater fish species, is a can’t miss! This exhibit takes you below the surface to encounter toothy giants collectively weighing thousands of pounds! Life-size sculptures of these fish give a first-hand experience showing all that lurks in deeper waters. Bailey was so shocked when she realized how big freshwater fish could get. Running from station to station, her and her pal Avery were eager to learn more! We learned just how the fish survive while growing into these giant creatures! We also explored 5 types of monster fish, throughout a 6- continent journey, and how scientists are aiding in keeping them alive. On view June 8 – August 18, 2019

2. Animal Encounters

Meet the Museum’s animals in a fun and informative animal encounter sure to excite the whole family! See turtles, alligators, lizards and more while learning about their habitats. This 30-minute showcase provides an open forum for questions with the very knowledgeable staff. At the close of the presentation, stick around to meet and touch your new ecosystem friends. Seats fill up fast, so you’ll want to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to door opening.

3. Get Prehistoric: Fossils and Dino Fun!

One of the most amazing collections of fossils and dino-riffic learning you will find has its home in Atlanta!! See these giants up close and learn all about when they roamed the Earth. You will be taken through each era and become familiar with many of the animals living amongst these amazing creatures! Swamps, wooded brush and mountainous areas recreate the setting of this exciting adventure and is ready to explore!


Fernbank Forest

Take a hike along the 2-mile nature trail while learning about many different plant and animal species. This picturesque adventure leads to two linear parks. My kids love racing along the bridges and climbing the treehouse ropes! We play I Spy and create trivia questions while walking through the forest for added fun and learning.

Dinosaur Plaza

Endless hands on activities fill common spaces (Dinosaur Plaza) of the museum for added fun and excitement! Get temporary tattoos, create your own fossil prints, cast your rod for magnetic fishing and so much more. There’s an activity available for all ages!

Be sure to get to the museum early for the best experience, especially with small children, as the museum fill up fast. Taking a break from learning fun by visiting the children’s play area located on the 3rd floor. This helps extend the fun by providing free time between exhibits! Check the weather before you go to ensure the most from your #Fernbank experience. Note: A café and 3d movie showings are also available. King of Pops is there on weekends!!


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