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Clip Cups: Don't Miss a Step!

I am very creative when it comes to ensuring to completion of tasks. The kids' routines are no different!

I introduced clip cups when Bailey was in Kindergarten (forever ago, lol) and I now use them STILL for all three children and myself (with tasks I find hard to stick to). This under $4 hack is life changing when teaching children routines and helping them learn to develop a working process.

What is a clip cup?

A clip cup is a 3D visual and sensory checklist of daily tasks. The cup of choice is a small, metal tin pail in our house. Why? They are durable and the perfect thickness to hold clothes pins. It's a win, win. You can purchase metal pails at retailers like Target, Arts and craft stores and even Dollar Tree! They are the same price everywhere, so pick some up wherever you frequent. You will also need wooden clothes pins, as previously mentioned and fine tip sharpie or label maker if you're too cool for school, ha, ha!! off...

On each clothes pin, you will write a task. example: Brush your teeth, make bed, homework, chore etc.

When are clip cups used?

We have found utilizing the clip cup system is amazing at the start and end of each day! It remind the kids of all the tasks that are needed to help them get ready for the day successfully and a roadmap to follow before going to bed. To begin, stand all clips up around the rim of the pail that pertain to the larger goal/task. Every time a task is completed, the corresponding clothespin will be removed from he rim and tossed in the pail. It's a winner because you can always see what's still left to do or assess what you are repetitively not accomplishing in the alotted time. For me, I utilize clip cups on administrative days and for my skin care routine!

Whether you're parenting, trying to stay focused while working from home or simply want to do better with daily routines, this is an easy way to stay on task! Remember, it isn't about perfection but progress! Start this week and be amazed how much more aware and intentional everyone becomes!


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