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A whole new world!

I've always had love for World Market! There's so many unique finds, textured furniture and beautiful cultures represented in countless pieces. I've purchased a few pieces of furniture here and always stop at my nearest location first for a cute gift idea when visiting someone's home. You would imagine my shock when I stumbled upon a whole new world the other day!

I've visited this store a countless amount if times and somehow never explored the food, stationary or apparel sections. The stand out area was definitely the food area. Spices, spices and more spices!!! And at great prices! This saves so much time when I don't an opportunity to stop by a local farmers market. You can make the perfect ramen or a succulent curry chicken while picking up a gorgeous toss pillow all at the same time! This is what I call winning! Various options in olive oil and so many unique sodas (blood orange is my fave!) make the basket super full as you find all of the treasures.

The wine selection is also another vast area that houses white, red and sparkling in an array of options. World market often does a buy more, save more promo where if you buy 4 or more, you get 20% off! Their prices are already some of the best and adding this deal on top makes you the "hostess of the mostess".

On holidays, I stop by to pick up hand-crafted toys and games that the kids love. Old school favorites and new age trend alike fill the shelves and give so many options that you can guarantee you wont find at any other chain store this large. You will find beautiful handles to freshen up your furniture and beautiful cards that aren't your average hallmark. Even items as small as measuring spoons all have personality! I encourage you to stop by this amazing store as my fire has been renewed due to finding a galore of spices! New recipes using the spices will be uploading soon! Stop by and share what you find. Don't forget to sign up for rewards if you fall in love!

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