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-the blog-

Alexas here! I'm so excited you've decided to pop in. We all desire many of the same things...My goal has always been to simplify and organize life in efforts to have it all. Life is sweet when you're comfortable enough to move to your own beat! Whether winning triumphantly or failing miserably, it's all okay when you can try again another day. I'm a business owner (Posh Shindigs, Atlanta, GA) and writer/contributor for some of the most popular reads and blogs. I'm a savings enthusiast and get a thrill when finding amazing deals. I'm known for my braided
crown, a vibrant lip and a sassy shoe! After 14 years of
marriage, I'm still in it to win it and truly enjoy
visiting the best parts of childhood through
my miniatures. I hope to soon become
your fave!! : ) Above all else...
I'm ME and I am Enough.
Guess what?! You are, too!
with love,
A. Guru

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Hey! You like me as much as I like you?!... I knew it! 

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