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Inspiration for Everyday life!

Sharing everything I'm loving, tips and finds that help me stay organized, progressive and primed to live my best life!

Laundry Top 9

Laundry is a never-ending task in our home. Finding products that are tough on dirt, vigilant on odor and consistent in method are always a win! 


Set Thermostats

save money on usage by keeping a set temperature and get as close to 74 degrees during the Summer months as possible!


Service Condensers

keep units efficiently running during the hot months!

Usage Schedules

Goal your household to minimize the use of electronics and laundry during peak hours. Head over to your provider's sites to get specific times!



Create a habit of unplugging all that isn't in use.

Quick Money Saving Habits



Nightly shut downs are good for business!

Thirty minutes is all you need to renew high traffic spaces for next day use. I used to get so stressed when there were remnants of days prior all over the place. I realized (after years of frustration- a shame, I know.) that junky, dirty spaces are an accumulation of continuous choices to walk away and not address a mess directly after its onset. Whether single or a large family, tackling the main floor and/or high traffic areas nightly minimizes the workload, helps everyone share tasks and ultimately creates a continuously clean space to enjoy day after day. Start shutting down and watch the peace emerge!

House Rules: Summer Edition

Even during the Summer, a schedule is a must. It helps with planning activities, keeping disciplines and maintaining many schedules simultaneously. Initiatives you should hold tight to are:

Calendar Pages

Penciled In

A home calendar is simply a must!

Whether you prefer a wall exhibit or utilizing a pen to paper method with a bound organizer: a schedule is a NECESSARY key to being productive and yielding the most from your time. We don't "wing it" 'round these parts. We are all about organized living and if you haven't already, it's time to create your weekly/monthly blueprint. 

What goes on a house calendar?

Important events

Home service scheduling/Maintenance

Transportation commitments

Routine activities


ALL deadlines

Once you have a consistent calendar, you are better equipped to act strategically!

Book on a Desk
Rows Of Green Shopping Carts

Save Big at Summer End!

I am almost completely allergic to regular price Even more, I'm big on quality items that are durable, long lasting and timeless (which are often costly). How do I marry the two? By learning SALE CYCLES at my favorite retailers.


What is a SALE CYCLE? a sale cycle is the process in which a retailer routinely flows through merchandise throughout the year. Each store usually follows the exact same schedule each year. 

Backyard Patio

How does this help you? You are able to learn when you have a great chance to land deep discounts on all you've been eyeing!


What should be on the list for Summer end:

  • outdoor furniture

  • swimsuits and sun care

  • health and beauty

  • bedding and home textiles

  • hardware, tools and lawn care

Recycling Bins


Growing up, everything went to the trash. I knew we shouldn't litter but never exercised the extra step that reduces waste AND reduces contents in our trash can. In truth, the latter is the biggest reason why I'm on board because a family of five plus a dog can create crazy amounts of trash.

Most things CAN be recycled! It's important to 1) break down boxes 2) ensure items are dry and clean and 3) have a smaller can inside to make your efforts a smoother process! (AGAIN:make sure this can is solely dedicated to DRY/ CLEAN recycling!)

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