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Shared [Style]

My #lifegoal is to simply and organize life in efforts to win at daily life. It's always a never-ending adventure finding all the things that assist in getting your life in order; whether it's a must-have wardrobe item or gadget sure to right all the wrongs! I love exploring style and sharing amazing finds. So, here it is: What I'm currently loving, rocking and using!! 

STYLE: My "Spring Bling" is Embroidery! (...and embellishments!)

Detail & Embellishments

Zippers, buttons, lace... these details create the extraordinary in an ensemble. It yields surprise and intrigue while creating the conversation piece that is you!

Step outside your box and add a little flair! You'll never fall flat when expressing yourself and having fun with fashion choices!

Bottom of a Dress


Literally obsessed this season with embroidered pieces. It adds a level of interest that expresses personality and charm.

Eye-catching dresses and flirty, unique shoes are the easiest way to incorporate embroidered items into you wardrobe effortlessly!

Embroidered Flowers
Casual Outfit

3 way wear

Conscious Wardrobe Choices

I made this rule after purchasing items on a whim and watching them collect dust or get limited wear. 

Every time you consider adding a piece to your wardrobe, ensure you can wear it THREE WAYS!!! If you can't wear it THREE WAYS with what you currently own, it can't come home! This simple yet effective rule cuts out excessive/unnecessary shopping and helps you create a working wardrobe!

Gala Rack
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Hey! You like me as much as I like you?!... I knew it! 

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