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My #lifegoal is to simply and organize life in efforts to win at daily life. It's always a never-ending adventure finding all the things that assist in getting your life in order; whether it's a must-have wardrobe item or gadget sure to right all the wrongs! I love exploring style and sharing amazing finds. So, here it is: What I'm currently loving, rocking and using!! 

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Heels of interest (and worthy of Pinterest)

I am obsessed with sculptural heels this season. Its as if they were meant for me. I've always looked for them but never would find them in abundance. Well, they've hit mainstream and I am in heaven! From Dolce to bulk retailers, they are everywhere. Your girl is racking up! Why I love them: They add visual interest while doing just enough. Sleek and artistic is my jam!

Old School Analog Camera

Coordinated Portraits: Nail them every time!

Family looks can be a pain! Who agrees?! Don't all yell at once, ha, ha!! I used to get to flustered because there would always be a one off. *Cue the rolling eyes*

I have learned that if you are just aiming for one decent photo of your crew, one ensemble may suffice. However, if you capture many moments, it is extremely beneficial to make it a lifestyle! What does that mean? BUY FOR ALL IN SAME OR COORDINATING COLOR FAMILIES. I may have just saved your sanity! Welcome bae!! This makes it easy to just grab and go, knowing it will be a perfect fit should a camera appear.

Yes, still buy tailored to individual style but always keep your color palette for the season in mind when you make your selections.

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