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My #lifegoal is to simply and organize life in efforts to win at daily life. It's always a never-ending adventure finding all the things that assist in getting your life in order; whether it's a must-have wardrobe item or gadget sure to right all the wrongs! I love exploring style and sharing amazing finds. So, here it is: What I'm currently loving, rocking and using!! 

GWK Fashion +Home!

Denim Jacket with Badges

Working Wardrobe

Cleaning out your closet is one of the best steps you can take in creating a working wardrobe. Many times, creativity in how you put pieces together is encouraged by clarity of availability!

Grab you a glass a wine and try on everything! This goes for the minis, too. (not the wine but. the fashion show, ha, ha!) Immediately clear out what is too small and cannot be worn.

Organize accessories and shoes for maximal wear. Once you have everything in its place, begin assembling winning fits.

I noticed that I would make the best outfits on a whim, so, I went a step further and began jotting down perfect parings as reminders of what previously worked. It's been a game changer and so much so, I started a baseball card slot system for my closet. I'll be sharing that soon!

Get clear on your wardrobe today!

Outfit of the Day

For the home: Top 3 "Simple" Kitchen upgrades !

Modern Kitchen



White Kitchen Cabinets


 Countertop Styling 

Kitchen Cabinet


 Kiddie Cabinets 

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White Chair and Bookshelf

Judge me not, but while we own hundreds of books, I do NOT like them being the Lone Ranger on our bookshelves. Truly, them not being color coordinated and accompanied by chic accessories annoys me, lol.

While everyone loves a beautiful bookshelf, creating one that is both  aesthetically beautiful and functional is an art. What I've learned:

Get your measurements first- This will help you make adequate selections for your shelves.

Grab your book before accessories- Decide on the amount of books you wish to display. this gives you an outline for the amount of accessories needed.


Cover if necessary- If you books aren't already perfect for the color scheme of you room, grab fabric or quality paper and cover them! you can't go wrong with custom!

Keep it minimal- Don't go overboard. Clean and streamlined spaces give a more put together presentation.

Stack and stare- Take your time and try many variations of each shelf!

Bookin' It

Ironed White Shirts

7 Ways to instantly dress better!

Fall Style Fave!

1) Remove lint!

2) Take jeans and pants to the tailor

3) Proper undergarments

4) Find simple, versatile accessories that work in a large color family


6) Invest in quality tees white and cotton shirts

7)Have fun! if you love it, you'll wear it confidently.

Denim Jeans

3 Wardrobe pieces to take from Fall to Winter

Walking Boots



Trench Coat


Trench Coat

Colorful scarves



Coat Rack
SEASON FAVE: Coats and Jackets

I am a firm believer that a jacket or well made coat makes a look! It's one of the main reasons I love winter. Jackets are my jam and an investment in your wardrobe, you'll never regret.

There could be all kinds of craziness underneath but this is a top layer instantly pulls you together!

Leather Jackets

What to look for?

Structure, color and detail!

What colors are staples if Im just starting?

Black beige and winter white.

How do I preserve my top layers?

Reinforce pockets, get  buttons tightened by tailor and keep them in garment bags when its off season!

Home Decor Rundown

If you decorating you home, utilize this as your blueprint for shopping!

Best Knick Knacks:

Home Goods, At home, Target

Abundance of bins/storage:

At Home, Home Goods, Joann's, The Container Store


World Market, Target (Early winter global pop-ups), crate and barrel, Home Goods

Affordable wall art:

At home, Home Goods, Kirklands

Area Rugs: 

Amazon, Overstock, Target (for kids rugs), Home Depot, Walmart.com

Clearances the fastest:

Target, World Market, At Home

Shop Around!

When looking for coordinating items or matching ensembles, you are likely not going to find them all in one place. Before you settle for what's available from one retailer, shop around. Often times buyers pick similar items for different retailers and the chance is high for you to find your winning items various places. 

Only want a hint of print? Try styling with solid colors and choose to keep prints and patterns isolated to accessories!

This same tip applies to home goods!

Style is more about how you feel and you're never fully dressed without a smile and confidence!