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My #lifegoal is to simply and organize life in efforts to win at daily life. It's always a never-ending adventure finding all the things that assist in getting your life in order; whether it's a must-have wardrobe item or gadget sure to right all the wrongs! I love exploring style and sharing amazing finds. So, here it is: What I'm currently loving, rocking and using!! 

GWK Fashion +Home!

Old School Analog Camera

Coordinated Portraits: Nail them every time!

Family looks can be a pain! Who agrees?! Don't all yell at once, ha, ha!! I used to get to flustered because there would always be a one off. *Cue the rolling eyes*

I have learned that if you are just aiming for one decent photo of your crew, one ensemble may suffice. However, if you capture many moments, it is extremely beneficial to make it a lifestyle! What does that mean? BUY FOR ALL IN SAME OR COORDINATING COLOR FAMILIES. I may have just saved your sanity! Welcome bae!! This makes it easy to just grab and go, knowing it will be a perfect fit should a camera appear.

Yes, still buy tailored to individual style but always keep your color palette for the season in mind when you make your selections.

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For the home: Fall Top 3 decor faves!



Chunky Beads

Home Decor



Home Accessories


Wood Elements

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White Chair and Bookshelf

Judge me not, but while we own hundreds of books, I do NOT like them being the Lone Ranger on our bookshelves. Truly, them not being color coordinated and accompanied by chic accessories annoys me, lol.

While everyone loves a beautiful bookshelf, creating one that is both  aesthetically beautiful and functional is an art. What I've learned:

Get your measurements first- This will help you make adequate selections for your shelves.

Grab your book before accessories- Decide on the amount of books you wish to display. this gives you an outline for the amount of accessories needed.


Cover if necessary- If you books aren't already perfect for the color scheme of you room, grab fabric or quality paper and cover them! you can't go wrong with custom!

Keep it minimal- Don't go overboard. Clean and streamlined spaces give a more put together presentation.

Stack and stare- Take your time and try many variations of each shelf!

Bookin' It

Fashion Accessories

Send Me Nudes

Fall Style Fave!

Fall Fave Alert!!!! I am into all things nude this Fall! I'm obsessed with all the creamy colors and textures in perfect skin tone hues! I'm pairing nudes with browns, tans and even pops of color this Fall! The hubs bought me tan patent boots and I honestly feel like a scrumptious caramel cake, lol. #reallife I can't wait for these Fall color pairings!

Cream and White Clothes

3 Wardrobe pieces to take from Summer to Fall

Shoes Composition Top View





Sleeveless Dresses

White T-Shirt


White Blouse


Matching sets for kids are the golden ticket! They are:

  • Perfect for layering

  • An easy ensemble

  • Great for family coordination

  • Come in color varieties

  • easy to pack for wardrobe malfunctions

  • Provided in comfortable and cozy fabrics


Where to get your next set for the holidays!


Old Navy/Gap


Children's Place


Hanna Anderson



Shop Around!

When looking for coordinating items or matching ensembles, you are likely not going to find them all in one place. Before you settle for what's available from one retailer, shop around. Often times buyers pick similar items for different retailers and the chance is high for you to find your winning items various places. 

Only want a hint of print? Try styling with solid colors and choose to keep prints and patterns isolated to accessories!

This same tip applies to home goods!

The best place to get unique ornaments and holiday novelty items is definitely World Market! The holiday shop opens mid October. My second fave is Home goods and they are already stocked with all of your holiday faves!

Style is more about how you feel and you're never fully dressed without a smile and confidence!